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Remote Wire Issue With Pictures/Diagram


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2008 Malibu VTX

Last year I wired it all up and worked great until i let it sit 3 weeks before putting it away and had issue, I didnt have time to deal with it as i needed to get it winterized and stored.

Today I got it out and started to try to figure out what went wrong. Ive tried everything I can think of. The way it used to work is I turn the key on then on the mux switch i push Radio. Once i push radio the Wetsounds EQ would turn on and the amp followed suit. 

I am getting no power from the AutoAntenna (blue) wire anymore. IF i run a wire directly from the battery everything turns on. I have EQ powered by the distrubution block that goes to the amp. The blue wire from EQ goes to the AMP then daisy chained from AMP to REMOTE wire (antenna) Is it the stock JBL box gone bad and not giving the signal to power up? I checked the 1 amp fuse and looks good. I also tested for power on both sides of the wire and get nothing. However if i put the wire thats chained to the amp to the antenna wire the EQ will turn on no matter if the mux button is pushed but amp still will not turn on. Is this a ground issue? That JBL box bad? Id love to delete that if i could but also want to be able to turn the amp/eq on and off via the  mux controller.

Any information is much appreciated! Im debating taken it to a audio shop if and when they open but not sure even if they will know how to wire it up to work with the controller.

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Hopefully you can make sense of what i got going on. Like i mentioned I get no power to the AUTO Antenna Wire to signal the AMP+EQ to turn on anymore. I used to beable to just turn the key on and then just push the radio button on the mux controller and it would all power up. Hope you can help me thank you.


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I see a 1A fuse holder on the blue wire.  Is the fuse good?  That means tested with a meter, not visually inspected.

And with that wire disconnected, do you get power to the blue wire?

I strongly suspect a bad connection somewhere if it isn't a fuse.  Pull on each butt splice and break/make each connector, looking for bent or pushed pins in each one.

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i have a cheap multi meter how would i test the fuse? like what setting Sorry not so great with that but i think i can figure it out. However i did test power on both sides of the fuse and nothing (blue wire) . Visually it does look good but i understand that it needs to be tested. Imma head out now and check all the pins going to to that connector. Thanks @justgary

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Thank you, Tested fuse , tested good. I also replaced it just incase. Still no power to signal my amp/EQ from blue wire. The connector is fine, no bent pins or not pushed in. I cant really follow the blue wire as it goes inside the black box. I opened up black box anyway and looked for burt/bad cap's ect. everything looks good. Radio and everything still powers on when i push the stereo button on the mux. Just no signal/power to the blue wire. For the moment i just ran a 5amp fused wire from key switch to amp/eq but i dont want to keep it this way. I want to find out what is going on and why i dont have power on remote antenna wire(blue)

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it is possible the remote feed died out then.  I have a blackbox that I pulled out of my 08 VLX and would ship it to you little to nothing.  I believe the remote turn-on wires in most cases have a 5amp feed.  I've heard of people exhausting a remote turn-on wire with too many amps/eq but who knows if that is even true or possible.  When I have heard of remote wires no longer working, everyone in the forums I have seen over last few decades just tapped off of an accessory wire which would either turn everything on from a switch or ignition turn-key.  I know it's not what you like, but you did the right thing to fuse that line to the key switch.  Certainly you can pull that out and take it to a local circuit repair.  From my experience you will be looking at least $65 to even have someone begin troubleshooting the board.  Parts for the repair are $cents so it may be worth calling around to local circuitry repair.  Or keep your current situation that works.  Just to give you a piece of mind, since I did a blackbox delete on my boat (deckless), I have no remote turn-on wire since i'm completely running off of an Exile Bluetooth module.  To power up my amps, I have them all being turned on like you did at the Key Switch.

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On 5/5/2020 at 1:39 PM, hawaiianstyln said:

it is possible the remote feed died out then.  I have a blackbox that I pulled out of my 08 VLX and would ship it to you little to nothing.  I believe the remote turn-on wires in most cases have a 5amp feed.  I've heard of people exhausting a remote turn-on wire with too many...

Thanks for the info. I Just ended up doing what you did and just deleted the box as well to keep from having issues like this. I noticed now though starting the boat or going to the ACC from start the amp's kick off which sucks momentarily but I guess i can live with it, not like im starting and stopping alot anyway. I spectate you offering me your box. I haven't got to take it on the lake really to test it fully but am going out tomorrow! If i cannot stand the key switch power on/off then i may hit you up. Thanks again!

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