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Frozen Hard tank?

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Getting the boat ready for summer and running into a few issues.   This will be my third season of boating and fairly familiar with the ends and outs of the boat, done multiple upgrades myself etc.    Came across a few troubling discoveries yesterday and wanted to see if i could get some help.

2011 23 LSV Wakesetter

Had it winterized, i know there was anti freeze in the motor, the dealer said they drained all water.   I put it up for the winter and go to install piggy back ballast on it and water runs out of my left hard tank.. sat all winter with water in the tank.   Pump wont work, find out its a fuse, had a spare pump and put it on.  Everything works good, kicked out all the water.   Left tank was completely full.   Right side 3/4 or more.   The right side kicked on no problem and spit the rest of the water out.   With several freezing days and multiple days in a row this winter im not worried about the potential of the tank being cracked.   What is the best way to trouble shoot this?   Im thinking either fill the tanks while the boat is on the trailer and watch for water or hooking the fake a lake up and filling the tanks to see if theres any cracks.   Has anyone experienced this?   I wouldn't think its guaranteed theirs a crack but certainly good odds.   Now im paranoid and want to have this fixed by summer.   What route should i go?


Another question, can a bad ballast pump blow a fuse?   Both my right and left side had a fuse blown, replaced the fuses, and left side pump, everything worked.   Put the old pump back on thinking it was a fuse issue and the pump blew the fuse AGAIN.  I then put the new pump back on and a new fuse and no issue.   Thought it was odd both Left and Right fuses were blown but the right still worked fine.   They are the 5amp fuses.   Can you put 10amps in them or is that bad?   Never experienced any fuse issues so hoping someone has insight on that as well.

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Posted (edited)
53 minutes ago, ScottyStew said:

can a bad ballast pump blow a fuse? 

Yes, a bad pump will blow a fuse or circuit breaker; I have a cartridge that has developed a dead spot. If it tries to start there, it will pop the breaker. But just like a starter, as long as it's able to move past the dead spot, it will run fine.


They are the 5amp fuses.   Can you put 10amps in them or is that bad  

A healthy running vane pump will never draw 10amps. You could put a 10amp fuse but that would hide issues (and create increased fire risk) rather than fix the issue.

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