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Checklist items for cleanup after day on water?

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Thank you in advance for reading this.

I just had my first successful day taking people out on new boat yesterday. Everyone had a great time! Both plugs are out, life jackets are drying out, and I’m gonna clean interior with 1 part water and 1 part white vinegar. Anything else I should add to checklist? Any advice how to keep moisture out of ballast tank/bags and boat? Thank you.


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Tanks and bags will almost always have some residual water unless you get the trailer on a steep hill and pump out the last little bit.  No big deal.

I always pop the engine covers and the center floor hatch, along with all of the cushions for a day or two in the garage so everything gets nice and dry.  Check under the swim deck seats, water has a tendency to get into the buckets and start to stink.

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I usually just wipe the boat down with Eagle 1 wax as you dry.  Vinegar strips wax.  Pop open the hatches and seats and then if the boat is wet inside toss my carpet fan in there for the night.

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I do a quick wipe of the vinyl with the Boat Bling products and I usually try to hit the hull with Hot Sauce.  

Then just try to let things dry out as best I can.  

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10 hours ago, ajive said:

Check under the swim deck seats, water has a tendency to get into the buckets and start to stink.

I drilled two small holes in the bottom of each last week so they drain

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The boat gets wiped down on the ramp every time I pull the boat. I dunk  a towel in the water as I am getting ready to load the boat so I have a wet towel to wipe with. Then chase the wet towel with a dry one. Then spray with Hot Sauce and wipe it again. This is all done in the wipe down area. Then when I get back to the shop all vest are pulled out of the storage and anything else that may be wet. Then I set a box fan in the front for a few days to dry it out. Upholstery gets spot cleaned as needed. 

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Boat & trailer gets wiped down with hot sauce after pulling every time.  I tackle the hull with my 2 daughters, while my wife is in the boat with my other daughter cleaning windows & putting things away.  Plug is pulled.  Vests & towels are hung up to dry & I open lockers & seats to air out.  Don't have to worry about mildew here, but I dry everything out every time to avoid the "musky" smell, not to mention, I like getting in a completely dry boat the next day. 

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Man I ride the “Dirty D”. They don’t call it that for nothing.  We have to keep up on it. I will post a pic of my swim deck from the peat dirt in the water. 😁😎

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I boat in salt water, so I have to wash with soap and water after every trip, which means that I also flood the carpet with fresh water.  I have an old 220V central A/C fan stuck in the rafters above my boat storage area that blows straight down into the center of the boat, so it only takes one day to get it dry.  Find a nearby Air and Heating guy and ask him for one.  He will probably give it to you for free.

Once or twice a season, grab a can of your favorite light spray lube (I currently use Power B'laster) and spray your entire engine, transmission, v-drive, etc.  Try to get underneath also (e.g. under the oil pan) and don't forget the engine mounts.  Do everything except the belts, pulleys, and hottest part of your manifolds (not that bad to do them, they will just smoke it off for a few minutes).  If you do this, you should always have a shiny, corrosion-free engine.

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