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What goop to use?

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Hey guys,  I thought I might ask for some collective wisdom here.  I have THREE separate things on the boat that need to be  fastened down in place.  I was thinking an adhesive of some sort.  I’m not terribly handy (something I want to change - so I’m starting small) and wanted to fix this stuff myself.

here is the first one:  the wakeboard racks have a rubber strip on each tine.  What do you guys use to adhere the rubber to the wakeboard tine?




The second issue:  on the starboard  “wakesetter” decal, the “W” in Wakesetter,  has peeled back.  I just got the boat (third owner), and you can see where the previous owner tried to fix it unsuccessfully.




Last issue:  the back “fender” or air intake on the stern, starboard corner of the boat (don’t know what this piece of the boat is called) has had the glue that held the mesh screen in place, fail.  The mesh screen has since separated from its holder. 



What goop should I be using to fix these things in place?  Thanks in advance for helping me out on the start of my journey.  First boat.  First step.  Excited for the future, and for the memories made with my family!  You all are a part of this adventure as well.

Thanks again,


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Weatherstrip adhesive for the wakeboard rack.  Available at any auto parts store, probably walmart as well.

Agreed with the above.  That is a pretty boat - get those ugly decals off.  Even if you like the decals, not sure any adhesive is going to save that.  If you want to try, I'd start with clear gorilla glue gel, but nothing is going to make it right.

On the stern, is that screen supposed to be glued in?  Or is there a retainer clip of some kind holding it in?  If it is glued, the gorilla glue will hold it.


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I've dealt with #1 and #3.

Pretty sure that I just used some Permatex black silicone adhesive on the board racks.

And, IIRC, I took the corner panel off, scuffed the backside surface of the frame with a dremel tool, and used JB weld to re-fasten the screen to the frame.

Both fixes have held up well for several years now.  YMMV.

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do you think that the black Permatex silicon, would work on that screen?  Since it’s black, it might do the trick?

thanks for all the thoughts, guys.

any other recommendations out there?

- Whitecap

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For the screen on my ‘10 I went with the 2 part quick set JB Weld. I scored the back side of the SS frame base with a Dremel tool to get good adhesion and thoroughly cleaned both pieces with alcohol.

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Awesome info guys.  You have saved me a ton of trial and error.  What is the best way to remove the rubber/plastic outline on the wakesetter decal?  What is the best way to remove it?  What did you guys do?


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I pull off as much as I can by hand or carefully with a plastic scraper or spreader.  Then, I use a cornwell or Ingersoll pneumatic pin stripe removal tool like this to get the gummy foam adhesive backing off the boat:


But you could probably use this with a drill:


Lots of automotive and paint supply stores will have something similar.  It's like a big rotary rubber eraser.

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@csleaver Thanks for the insights.

1. so I used the goop that you recommended for the board racks. Worked like a champ.


2. I was so pleased with how it handled the tines on the board racks, I decided to try it on the “fender”. I took apart the fender with a screw driver.  The screen basically separated from the fender immediately.  I cleaned both the screen and metal fenders well, then used the goop to fasten the screen back to the fender.  On the other inside boarder of the fender, I used a double sided outdoor tape (a lot like weather stripping) to help the fender lie flush to the boat and give support to the two existing screws.  It was an easy fix; secured very well in place; and looks good. https://www.homedepot.com/p/3M-Scotch-1-in-x-1-66-yds-Permanent-Double-Sided-Extreme-Mounting-Tape-414DC-SF/203405976

3. As for the decal:  This one will take some thinking over.  I hate to admit it, but I kind of like how the plastic/rubber decal border looks around the “wakesetter “. Maybe I’ll change my mind down the line.  For now, I’ll make a temporary fix for the rest of the season.  I used very small strips of the tape above to hold that rubber border in place.  It actually looks pretty good (for now).  

Lets see how it holds up!

Thanks gain for all the insights, gents.  It was fun fiddling around in the garage with tools and clamps.

Im on my way!

Warm regards to all of you,





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