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Hi All,

I need some input/feedback.  I am ready to pull the trigger on a boat.  Here are the two I am looking at.  I have never owned a Malibu product.  I am coming from a MB 21 tomcat.

we will be using this boat mainly for surfing and hanging out.

2018 Malibu 22 VLX.  Brand new.  No plug in play, No tower speakers, No sub/amp.  No surfpipe.

2019 AXIS T22.  Loaded, pretty much comes with every option.  (even a power wedge)  The only thing basic is the trailer.

The Malibu is 3k More.

What is everyone's thoughts?  

Excited to become part of the family!

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I'd post the 2 build sheets.  IMO, the options missing on the Malibu can be made up for.  I'd do the PNP stuff before I even put the boat in the water and the stereo could come over time.  But, a boat without PNP sounds quite bare and I'd wonder how many other options are missing.  Lots of other costs to think of.  For example, will the Malibu also immediately need 500$ worth of prop upgrade?  Does the Axis have an engine upgrade?  

How do you plan on using the boat?  How do you plan to store the boat?  Malibu will have an assist-lower tower but the axis will get under a lower garage header.

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I think first you need to decide if you are in the Malibu or Axis camp. Both are great boats but offer different experiences.  With the limited information provided that Malibu strikes me as an incomplete boat and will likely end up being more than $3k more than the Axis once you get a proper stereo and pnp in it.

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According to the specs you posted.... I don't think there is any question. I would go Axis 100%. I am an Axis owner. If you are dead set on having screens and all the gadgets then I would say you should get the Malibu. I personally love the analog dash. I'm not sure if the 2019 Axis' have upgraded the vinyl but that was a big different for our 2018. The vinyl in the Malibu's was nicer than the Axis line. After all Axis is the "budget" brand.

If you are planning on surfing then that VLX will need all PNP before you even put it on the water. That $3K difference will be eaten up in a heartbeat when it comes to upgrading it to the level that the Axis has as far as accessories. 

If it was my choice I would have bought the Axis already! Hope this helps and welcome! 

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Need to see Stat Sheet for sure...... Agree on the resale value of the Malibu but really need to see the sheet....If the Malibu is missing those items it feels like they may have cut more corners.

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Is the resale gap still big even with surf gate Axis' ?   Seems like there would be huge demand for cheaper surf boats, especially in my neck of the woods. 

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2 hours ago, teamerickson said:

I’ve had both. The resale is WAY better on the Malibu. I’d go Malibu. 

Haha IIRC you did pretty well on T22 resale tho?

a better point may be that a loaded axis is going to lose the value of its options on resale pretty quickly (instantly?). <— says guy with a two step engine upgrade, closed cooling, flake gel, UW lights, etc in his T22. I ain’t never getting that money back. 

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