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Noob with questions for the Malibu aware!

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I just picked up a 2009 VTX, good shape, 217 hours.  I was overjoyed when I put it in the water and it started.  If it didn't, I'd be living in it!  This site is truly amazing for us noobs - thanks all!  This issues - Fuel gauge is not even close, the ski ball was stuck down, but I followed a thread and got it up (now stuck up) calling it the Viagra ball!  I can get the wedge down, but it won't go up unless I go through calibration, so I have to calibrate every time I want to get the wedge up.   I had the ballast all full and did a fairly substantial porpoise into a big wave (twice), and loads of water came over the bow.  Bilge on, no water ever comes out, but it does come out when on the trailer coming out of the lake.   I have always stored my boats in the boathouse, so I'm that putz who needs a few tries to get it right.  Is there a way to know that the boat is sitting on the trailer properly?  I was off a bit and didnt notice, but one of the bunks is a bit damaged from not sitting properly.  For those with an older VTX, is there a way to make a surfable wake, or do I need more stuff (ballast, Wake Shaper)?   Thanks for any input you may have!

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Congrats on the new to you boat! Understanding the limits to you and boat takes time, glad you’re okay and still floating after “chili dipping” we call it. Your bilge pump should have kicked in on its own, you might check to see if it works. You should search “suck gate” on this site and make your own surf gate to make the wave better for surfing. More weight will usually always make for better surfing, or a good sized crew works too. Getting on the trailer right takes practice too. Most of the time when the boat is not on right, the trailer is in too deep. We use the bunks as a guide on ours, once they are all the way in the water....put the boat on. Then back down a little more to make sure it’s all the way on. Post some pics of boat!

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On my Vride, the fuel sender had to be replaced so that I'd know when I had less than a half tank.

My bilge pump wire for the auto position had also come out of the crimp, but you can also need to replace the pump.

For trailering, get it on by the guides then pull it up then back it back in the water. The shallower you drive it on, the more the bunks will guide it.


For surfing, with the wedge you have a good head start on me, adding 750s in the rear and 500 in the bow will help.

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