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Standard/options list


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Hi everyone Do any of you have a list of what comes standard and what options you can order on 23 LSV I’ve downloaded the catalog but it doesn’t have this info. 

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Not much is standard really, even things like surfgates and towers are technically options.    Shoot me a PM if you want to see a build sheet, although even the few sheets I have don't include every options as not all were selected.   



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13 minutes ago, hethj7 said:

surrogates ... are technically options

Darn spell checker!  LOL Don't tell my wife!!

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what everyone is telling you is there isn’t an easy way to get that information, short of calling your dealer and asking. That said, you could request an optioned out build sheet but even there you can get some variance depending on which engine, tower, tower speaker option you pick and which trailer wheel upgrade (etc, etc, but those are the few that quickly come to mind). 

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2 hours ago, Davidggriffith said:

Hi everyone Do any of you have a list of what comes standard and what options you can order on 23 LSV I’ve downloaded the catalog but it doesn’t have this info. 

I was a little discouraged with how few things are standard feature when I ordered my boat. 

If you want to keep costs down, you can still order carpet like it's 1999.  That is a standard feature.  There are a number of things like that, including surfgate, as was mentioned above.  Wedge is not a standard feature.    I would be curious to see how many boats are ordered without certain options, like Surfgate or the wedge.   I think their intent is to allow you to get the least expensive version of the boat if you want it that way, which might be nice to some people.  I felt the opposite, like I was being nickled and dimed for things that any reasonable person should want.    MC and Nautique have a more robust standard options list.   

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21 minutes ago, TallRedRider said:

standard options list

Isn't that an oxymoron?  :)  What irks me (as it relates to cars) is that to get THIS you gotta THAT PACKAGE (usually a couple of $K of useless crap). Like I want heated seats but need a "Tech" or "Sport" package that bundles all sorts of things I don't want.  So be thankful that one can still pick and choose a bit with Malibu.  And hopefully your dealer will stop you from making a dumb-dummy move by skipping something you'll regret later (like has there EVER been a boat ordered without Surfgate when it was an option?)

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