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What is my wedge foil worth?


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Hi Malibu Crew! 

I am new to the Malibu family, just graduated from college and purchased 2002 Sportster with only 500 hours. I have been having a blast skiing behind it but now I am working on enhancing the wake. I plan to put some weight in the nose and I am also going to remove the wedge foil that it came with. I am not super into wake boarding or surfing, I just do it with beginners occasionally but I would much prefer improvements in the slalom wake.

That being said, I would like to sell the wedge foil, any ideas what I could sell it for?


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1 hour ago, mackie12 said:

putting any additional weight in that boat is playing with fire.......just saying.

Agree with this!  Does your boat have a tower?  Remove it.  Do you keep anchors on board?  Take them out unless you need them.  Boom stored under the seats?  Leave it on the dock when not using it.  Back seat in the boat?  Leave it behind.  And never go out skiing with more than a half tank of fuel and expect a fabulous wake.

Sporty wake is small but firm.  It's not going to launch you OTF if you hit it wrong, but you'll have a much better time if you're on edge through the wakes.  At 28 off and shorter, there is next to no wake.  I'm betting your ski is coming off edge as you get to the first wake.  You're going to feel the wake on any boat if that's the case.

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3 hours ago, Chatty21VLX said:

The whole thing bracket and all should easily bring $500+. 

And you will spend way more than that in time and fiberglass filling the wholes.

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Thanks all for the comments. I had just read some other posts suggesting weight in the bow and removal of the wedge. I suppose ill save myself the hassle and keep it on, but I still would like to try a bit of weight in the nose. Are folks opposed to that?

No tower, but good suggestion removing the back seat when I go out skiing. 

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I have been skiing at 32pmh and trying 22 off and 28 off. Tried 28 off last night and that part of the wake was much firmer than 22 off. Of course, it’s less noticeable when I am on edge and looking ahead of the boat, so still working on better technique.

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