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Stains on Vinyl Seats from new swimsuit

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So I messed up by forgetting to ask our guests if anyone was wearing a new swimsuit.  Black stains from the new swimsuit all over my white vinyl seats.  I tried cleaning it with Boat Bling Vinyl Sauce...no luck. Also tried Magic Eraser...no luck.


Any suggestions for getting these stains removed?  Thanks for your help.

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I think we may need to see photos of the swimsuit to best advise you... just kidding.  But photos of the stains might help.

I have never heard of this happening, but it seems that something on the seats (boat bling, perhaps?) has reacted with the dye in the suit material.  Was it a regular cloth suit, or neoprene, like a wet suit?

If you can't find a decent solvent for the dye that will not harm your seats, your best friend in this case might be direct sunlight.  The UV will fade the stains.

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My wife has used Doterra lemon oil (that essential oil stuff) to get some stains out of our vinyl seats after trying other things that didn't work.  I would treat it with 303 protectant or something right after though.

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Sun treatment works wonders.  I have a couple ladies who come out skiing with us on occasion and invariably when stepping over the trunk to the platform (a long step for someone 5'2") they'll graze my rear seat bolster with a painted toenail.  No cleaning product I'd use on my boat takes that stuff off, but those marks fade out pretty readily in the sun.

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One of my kids, when smaller, had this full nylon life jacket that for whatever reason, would leave red marks on the seats.  First time I was freaked out.  But a few hours in the sun and all was cleared.  I could not replicate the issue off the boat even with solvents so I dunno - some reaction with the 303?

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I recently had the same issue with this brand new Radar ski handle:  https://www.bakesonline.com/deep-v-15-suede-handle-silver-white.html

After using it on a several ski runs, we coiled the rope and wrapped it around the ski pylon.  The next time out, I had a couple of straight black stains on top of the rear bench seat, and another in the corner on the seat itself (must have laid the rope there also).  I tried several vinyl cleaners and 303, but didn't want to get too aggressive.

After several full days spent in sunlight, all but one have completely disappeared.  The one remaining stain is just barely visible.

So, as above, I'd just give it some time in bright sunlight and see what happens.

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