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2012 Malibu wakesetter 247 SPN: 65675 CAT A Efficiency

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Any one have any idea on this spn 65675 Count=4 CAT A Efficiency Failure Mode=11 cause not known. 


After I clear this code we get about a half day on the water then it comes back.  I have been fighting codes since last summer and have this one left.

I originally had a miss fire last year in cylinder 1. I put new spark plugs in and two new Indamar 02 sensors on bank A. Service required light never went out so I got a Rinda Technologies TecMate Pro to clear the codes. I found that I had 66019 current below normal or open circuit. This code was on the new 02 sensors from indamar.  I ordered two more new 02sensors from indamar and put them in bank A cleared the code and it came back again. I installed all 4 new 02 sensors from indamar and ran the 02 sensor heater test on the Rinda Tecmate Pro and all 4 new 02sensors failed the test and all 4 of my old original 02 sensors passed the test so I put all originals back in and now I keep getting this dam 65675  I hope I didn’t damage the Cat with all the bad 02sensors  from Indamar. Any advise would be  appreciated. Thanks

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I'm not sure if this will help, but cat efficiency codes are usually caused by the pre and post cat O2 sensors showing very similar data.  If there is very similar data from the O2 sensors on each side of the cat, and there are no leaks in the exhaust, or corrosion / moisture in the sensor harness or plugs, you may have a damaged catalyst.  You may want to remove the O2 sensors, or the exhaust hoses, and use a scope to inspect the catalyst element.  It should look like a flat, very fine concentric mesh of squares (like a whole bunch of screen doors stacked exactly on top of each other).  If there are gaps, detents, or pieces of the catalyst missing, the exhaust manifold will need to be replaced.

Un-burnt fuel in the exhaust from something like an ignition misfire, excessive fuel pressure, a leaking or stuck injector, water in the exhaust, or excessive heat will kill a catalyst element very quickly.

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Thank you I will get my scope and inspect the inside of the catalyst later today I will let you know. The catalyst that is having the problem did blister the paint off around the 02 sensor hole about a 1/2” ring around the sensor. So it could have damaged the inside of the catalyst during a misfire last year.

I did find out yesterday that after ordering all the new 02 sensors using my engine serial number I was sent the wrong ones. Indamar says I should have the correct new ones next week. 

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Any update on this thread, have the same error code on a 350 Monsoon with about 590 hours.  Alarms pops up every once in a while.  Wonder where to start looking.

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