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Confused why so many don’t use the wedge?


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I’m a thorough shopper, and as such like to go over all the advantages and disadvantages of the various competitors. Being my first surf boat, I really want to make an informed decision and am confused a little with regards to the auto wedge.  My Axis salesman (who is awesome), likes to tout the huge advantage of the patented auto wedge (and PW when optioned) when comparing his product to the competition. I mean, 1000 (or 1500) pounds of simulated ballast by simply deploying the wedge sounds like a huge advantage. But yet, when I peruse the forums I’m finding a pattern of many experienced Axis and Bu owners who prefer to not even use it when surfing. 

Why would you not take advantage of this feature when it is available if you are trying to get the stern down? Most who don’t use it seem to put lots of additional weight in the boat instead while leaving their wedge retracted. Why not use that “ballast” as well?  Is the wedge not as useful a tool as it’s marketed to be? My salesman says people who don’t use it aren’t using their boat “correctly” and just prefer to get the same effect by using ballast which occupies cargo space and incurs additional cost. I understand ALSO using additional plug and play and lead to augment your wave, but just confused why so many don’t bother to even use the wedge at all.

Wedge........Awesome feature or snake oil?


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20 minutes ago, hethj7 said:

I think most use the wedge.  We do every time out.  I even typically use it in lift mode for pulling kids on the Zup to keep the nose down more.  

I think if you truly polled all users, the overwhelming response would be awesome feature and not snake oil.  

This. It all depends on what people set their boat up with. If you have a ton of people out, you may not need to use the wedge. Or maybe you prefer the wave it makes without it. People are very particular about their setups so that is why you see some use and some not. But I agree, I think if this was a poll, most would answer yes to using it. 

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Is the wedge snake oil? No.

Does the wedge =1000lbs. Of ballast? No. 


We don't use the wedge for surfing.  I've had both floating and power wedge.  Here are our unscientific findings, keep in mind we are very picky about our wave and both setups are good surf waves. 

Approximately 500-600lbs. In rear bags with wedge

-Adjustable surf wave for different styles and abilities 

-less ballast needed

-more gas used

-wave is good not great (personal preference based on our riding style)


Approximately 900-1000lbs. In rear bags NO wedge

-No wave adjustability and adding wedge makes wave worse

-less gas used 

-wave is great (better than the less weight +wedge setup)


We have a 2018 T22 and we surf nearly 100% of our time on the boat. We both are surf style riders and rarely ride skim.  We don't need the adjustability and welcome the gas savings.   Being your first surf boat the wedge would be a good tool to use just don't be surprised if over time you use the wedge less.  As our kids get older I imagine we will be using the wedge more because the little ones will probably not need or want our monster surf style wave. 


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We have a 2018 A24 equipped with the floating wedge(not PW2). We use our wedge 99% of the time for adults and never for the kids. We can ride fine without the wedge but I feel there is more push when using the wedge. 

There are some intricacies when you have a large crew on board. If everyone wants to sit in the cabin then you may either have to drain some rear ballast or use no wedge. If you have bow riders then you should be okay. I personally don't like to tell people where they need to sit. That is why we love Malibu/Axis. Surfgate takes all of that away in my opinion. 

We usually have 6-8 people on board and have a couple bow riders. We simply fill everything 100%, drop the wedge, choose a surf side and go! The only adjustment we have is speed which works perfectly for us. I like to ride at about 10.8(6'4" 210lbs) and my wife likes to ride around 11.4(5'4" 110lbs).  

Hope this helps!

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On my small hull A20 no wedge = 1/2 push

on an A24 I have done no wedge snd full wedge and both were pushy 

seems to me power wedge 2 or 3  is the thing vs auto set wedge cause you can give yourself more or less wedge or none , 

At elevation or even sea level the pw2/3 with lift mode is a game changer fir getting a wakeboard load up on plane probably allowing you to run a lesser torque prop 

luv my auto set wedge both surfing and boarding though fir most it’s less needed in Wakeboarding due to most folks skill level , many with mad riding skills just heavy weight their boats and skip the wedge, 

All of this said it really comes down to do you plan to sell it?  If so then to me the pw3 is a no brainer just for market value of comparable year boats

if those who like wedge and not is 50/50, bet on the next guy wanting it

if you knew this was your last boat and you liked the auto set wedge and want to save money , order that and you won’t be disappointed , especially since your an inboard newbie like I was 

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After adding the Mission Delta we get the best surf wave with no wedge.

Also makes it easier to drive.

But for wakeboarding/skating we would still use the wedge.


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I use the power wedge most of the time.  Have found that the use of the wedge does more than make the wave taller.  Shapes the wave as well.  Can make the ramp of the wave steeper or rounder when wake boarding with just a quick change of wedge position.  Wake surfing speeds also changes wave similar to changing ballast.  Length of wave varies as well with wedge location when surfing.   Lift feature on newer boats is a great as well to get up on plane quicker especially when running extra ballast.   Does raise the nose of the boat rather high if counter ballast is not placed in the bow.   I have power seat which helps seeing over the bow.   My 2 cents.  

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So I think the consensus is....people like different waves.

The wedge is just another tool to create a surf wave.  I almost never use it but I will always check that box when buying an Axis because I would never want fewer options for dialing in a wave.


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I like the wedge for consistancy.  It does well the keep the boat balanced if people move around while a rider is behind the boat.  Without the wedge the boat tends to be more tippy.  This all being for wakeboard speeds.  

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Just test drove a 2016 25LSV with the PW II today...the settings with that wedge are amazing as to what you can do shaping the wake.  just wow.

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I am confused why you think so many people don't use the wedge. If people are serious about wake surfing and want to get the most out of their boat, they will utilize the wedge. I doubt if there are many members on here, with surf gate, who do not use the wedge.

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1 hour ago, GaryShandling said:

Wedge lift mode and auto wedge are amazing tools too. 


Who used the wedge to tube?? Asking for a friend 

What is “auto wedge”?

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The wedge gives me push back in the curl of the wave. I use it 100% of the time for surfing. 

I recently replaced the actuators and surfed it this evening for the first time since. I can't explain why but the wave seemed even better. The push was awesome! 

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1 hour ago, onewake09 said:

What is “auto wedge”?

I am referring to the feature that comes with power wedge. Once you set It up, the wedge will lift, then set back into the wake setting you prefer. It does it on its on and the screen says “auto wedge” 

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We Always use the wedge!  Love the adjustments you can make with the wave!  It clearly changes the shape of the wave and really helps you dial it in to your preference.  My buddy has a 2018 T22 and we do the same when we surf on his boat!  And like others have said using no wedge is great for kids just learning.  Keeps the wave nice and flat and not so intimidating!  Def not snake oil! 

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9 hours ago, GaryShandling said:

I am referring to the feature that comes with power wedge. Once you set It up, the wedge will lift, then set back into the wake setting you prefer. It does it on its on and the screen says “auto wedge” 

Yeah. It’s called lift mode. 

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I can see people with auto (floating) wedge passing when they have a lot of weight.  However, no way not using power wedge for me, or anyone I know who has it.

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1 hour ago, onewake09 said:

Yeah. It’s called lift mode. 

I am aware of that, I was merely pointing out the fact that it goes back to your previous setting automatically for those that may have questions. 

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'17 A20 owner with floating (non-power).  We use the wedge for wakeboarding and surfing almost all the time.  Usually have a pretty novice crew so it is easy to drop or stow the wedge between sets for wakeboarding.  I like the wave better with wedge down for surfing.  Up I feel doesn't have enough push.  550s in the rear and a 650 up front under the seats (which likely only fills about 450+).  Usually the kids sit up in the bow for surfing (so + 200 ish).

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On 6/14/2019 at 10:17 AM, 85 Barefoot said:

I can see people with auto (floating) wedge passing when they have a lot of weight.  However, no way not using power wedge for me, or anyone I know who has it.

figured I would chime in on the floating wedge as I was able to do some good testing yesterday.  I have a 16 t22  we had all ballast full 900's and a 650 under the nose. ( I have about 500 in lead evenly distributed throughout the front and mid.)

with 4 adults and 2 kids  the regular surf wave was way better with the wedge and the goofy side was better without. I was very carefully to position people equally throughout and for some reason with wedge deployed riding goofy the wave was extremely tall and short. I even moved more people to the front and upped the speed to 11.6 and could not get the wave to lengthen until I pulled up the wedge?  regular side wave with the same setup and speed with wedge deployed  the wave was long and had tons of push  for a t22? I am wondering if prop rotation may have something to do with this? very odd for such drastic differences with the exact same setup but just switching sides. only thing I didn't do was try to switch while under way. ( I may try that if I get out this afternoon)

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