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08 VTX WS420bt (eq) Power & Mounting Question


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So over the weekend I installed the Wet Sounds ws420bt eq. Im getting alot of signal noise when using the Bluetooth and if I use the aux cord I get just a slight hiss (but can definitely tell its there). I'm wondering where the issue is. Where is everyone getting there ground and power source from? I used all wet sounds products (wires, rca's, amp kit) Where i put the power and ground was off the distribution block and maybe that's my issue? Also used remote wire (eq) to blue wire off stock radio (blackbox) then to amp,  So that when I hit the Mux switch for stereo both the eq and amp turn on and would like to leave it that way unless thats causing an issue; I figured id ask here before i keep moving power and grounds to try to get it to go away. I have a dedicated battery just for the system utilizing the Blue sea Add-A-Battery with ACR. 

Lastly Mounting for a 2008 VTX, I see people remove the MUX switch to add but I really do not want to do that. I have the WS-EQ Bracket also. Looking under the dash there isnt really anything to mount it too.. Any ideas? or am I going to have to make a brace to mount the bracket and eq too. Thanks

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All + and ground for audio equipment should go directly back to the same battery.  You may have to give up on the MUX switch if you cannot isolate the +.  As far as mounting, the supplied bracket is pretty good.

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Even the remote wire? I do understand it is sending power to signal the EQ & Amp to turn on. Maybe ill try to run a remote wire from battery to amp+eq (stereo batt) and see if the noise clears up..

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If reading correctly, you are triggering the EQ on via the black box's blue amp turn-on. This is correct and would not be the cause of any noise. 

Your authorized dealer should always be your front line source for setup and tuning assistance. Proper wiring is only part of preventing and/or eliminating unwanted noise. 

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