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Speed while wakesurfing


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Went surfing for the first time yesterday in 23 lsv.  Had rear 750’s full and stock full with suck gate and five people in back.  Wave was pretty good for first time but I sensed difficulty going past 10 or 11 miles and hour.  Pushed throttle forward and just didn’t get much more power or response and definitely didn’t plane.  2247 prop and hammerhead engine.  Rpm’s were at 3k at 10.5.

wondering if my experience is “normal” of not.  More weight in front maybe?

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That seems normal to me. I have a 2015 23LSV with the 350 and an OJ 945 (15x13). When I select surf left and fill it up with full ballast and 600 in each locker it does about the same. It will not speed up  


Did you try try moving people to the front?  More or less wedge?

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Thanks.  I didn’t move anybody to the front.  I just wasn’t sure what is “normal.”  I didn’t use the power wedge.  I tried it but it didn’t seem to do much of anything or improve wake at all (but I could be doing something wrong).  The whole “power wedge” thing seems mysterious to me.  Wave seemed better without it and it seemed like a bit of a hassle to use it, frankly.

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2009 Malibu 23 LSV.  Didn't use either of those as haven't figured out how to set it up yet.  Just driving it manually till surf started forming.  Is that wrong?

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I would almost guarantee it needs weight in the front.  Once you get it weighted properly you can start to play with the wedge.  When you do not have enough weight in the front the wedge just makes it worse.  Get familiar with the cruise system, it is not only better but a marriage saver as well.

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What motor and what altitude are you at? Do you have all 4 hard tanks? Yes you will need weight in the bow especially if you have 5 people sitting in the back and all your bags in the back are full. Either move a couple of people to the front and see how that changes things or don’t fill your bags completely or get a bow bag. Figure out the “cruise control” it will make life easier also. Good luck and once you get the wave figured out the real fun begins.

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Weight in the bow also helps situate the prop in a more vertical position as it is designed to operate. Several years back, our 23 had a lot of weight in the rear with some bow rise; two individuals decided to move to the bow and all of a sudden, the boat got up to speed. 

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