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24 MXZ Service Required Message Help!

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Just got a new 2018 24 MXZ and I'm getting the "Service Required" message.  I'm in the middle of Iowa so far from my dealer, and they aren't helping as quickly as I'd like so hoping somebody on here might have an idea of what could be causing the issue.

  1. Boat ran fine the first 6-7 times out this year. Last weekend did some surfing/wakeboarding/tubing, everything was fine. Dropped anchor and swam for an hour or two and had the boat off but the batteries on. (I turn it to battery 1/2 when running and battery 1 when anchored). Started the boat up to leave and got the service required message every two minutes until we docked the boat.
  2. Next day went out again and couldn't replicate the error. I did find "inactive" error codes that said "Aux digital 1 High Voltage" and SPN: 707 FMI:3. Not familiar with these and not sure if they've always been there as this was the first time I've ever found this screen (after some internet research from the prior day)
  3. Went out yesterday and again no errors as we tubed/wakeboarded/etc. Again dropped anchor for an hour or two and when I fired the boat back up got the error again. Looked for an active error code but nothing showed up. But got the service required message every two minutes
  4. Went back to the dock and turned the boat off, started it again and got the error again. Then turned off the boat and the power and turned the batteries off, then turned everything back on and no errors. Ugh!! 

Not sure what's going on and would love to hear anyone's thoughts. Also - not sure how active vs inactive error codes work on the boat...is it possible  my inactive error codes are old (boat was a demo). Or is it likely they were created the first time the message popped?

Thanks for any help you can provide! Excited to be part of the Malibu family!

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If I am understanding what you are doing while using your boat. (and this could not be the real problem)...

This is from your Malibu Manual;


Battery 1 is the “house” battery or main battery. It should be rated at least 750 cold cranking amps (cca), and a spiral cell battery is preferable. Battery 2 is the back-up battery. Normally, when the battery switch is not OFF, it should be set on “1.” However, if Battery 1 is somewhat drained or sluggish, turning to “1+2” can be very helpful in providing sufficient power to start the engine and begin the natural recharging process. After the engine starts and runs for a few moments, return the battery switch to “1.” The electrical system is not designed to run at optimum efficiency on “1+2.”

On rare occasions, it may be necessary to turn the switch to “2.” For brief periods of time, especially if Battery 1 is non-functional, you can run on “2” for limited periods of time.

You should be running your boat normally on 1. Set it on 2 when anchored and the boat won't pull from battery 1 or just turn it to Off if you aren't listening to the stereo etc. 

Use 1&2 for the times when 1 will not have enough power to start the engine. Then switch to 1.

Your alternator won't charge up both batteries at the same time very well. Use a charger to replenish your batteries when you're off the water. I suspect your system voltage is low and throwing the messages you are getting.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Sounds like my on water demonstration gave me some poor knowledge. I see that in the manual. Will definitely change my practice.

I did notice that when the error message popped up my voltage was showing 13 volts which seems to be in the normal range. 


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According to Indmar, SPN 707 is used as an engine oil level DTC on the Ford Raptor.  It is usually set when the motor is turned off and the oil level is low.  There is a sensor threaded into the oil pan with a small float to check the oil level.  Low engine oil level can cause that alarm, but a loose, corroded, or damaged harness plug or a faulty sensor can also cause it.

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