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How does the power wedge work on a 2009 VLX?

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I've taken my, new to me 2009 VLX out a few times now, but not sure how the power wedge works. I can get a decent wave with the factory ballast, my piggyback bags (910lb in each ear locker), a 675 bow bag, and a Nauticurl. The issue I'm having is that I don't really know how to properly use the power wedge. I have the Maliview display screen, but I think the only controls for the wedge are on the controls to the right of the screen (where the red arrows are pointing on the 1st image attached). The three options I see on that control panel is "Wedge Deploy", "Wedge Up" and "Wedge Down". I have tried to use these different options, but do not see any difference in the wave.


I also do not see any difference in the position of the wedge on the Maliview display screen. No matter what I set the wedge to, I don't see any change on the screen (where the red arrows are poiting on the 2nd image attached).


So, my first thought is the wedge is not working, but when I get the boat on the lift after a session, sometimes the wedge is in the up position, and sometimes it is in the down position. So it is moving up and down, just not showing the position on the screen.


If it is actually working, but just not showing on the screen, I'm not sure how to actually use it properly. Any idea what I should do to figure this out? When trying to dial in the wave for a surf session, what would you suggest I do with the wedge? How would I even know the position?


Thanks for any help as I'm still VERY new to all this!!!!

Wedge Controls.png

Wedge Display.JPG

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You should see the wedge move in that display... when you hit the deploy button it should move 90 degrees from stowed to down. Either your position sensor is not working (common) or your wedge is t working at all (based on your other comments my guess is that it isn’t working at all!) Could be that your wedge circuit breaker is popped (not sure where it is in your boat, might be in the rear locker or separate up under the helm.) You should be able to hit “deploy” and then go back and look under the swim platform to see the wedge actually deployed(went down.)

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I'll have to try hitting the "Wedge Down", then put it up on the lift to see where the wedge is positioned at. Then do the same after hitting "Wedge Up" and putting it up on the lift.

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