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2011 lsv wakesetter surf set up


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Fellas please help with setup,


what i have

2011 lsv 

mls factor tanks bow, center, rears,

650lbs fat sack,


delta 2.0 mission wake shaper.


3-4 people in the boat most of time

regular foot surfer

don't know which prop I have 

ronix koal board (which sucks).....going to get custom shaped board eventually 




how much and which tanks do I fill up. Placement location,.....and at rest sitting in water how far into the water do I put the delta mission wake shaper.




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Once your boat is fully loaded, the mission delta shaper should have just the top edge sticking out of the water.

I normally recommend weighting the boat evenly left/right so you can use the shaper to decide which side you'll surf.

Play around with the bag placement, further forward will create a longer, but slightly less steep wave. Further back will create a steeper, shorter length wave. 

Sometimes using the wedge will make the wave choppy/break, play around with using the wedge or not. 


Let us know how it works!

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Fill all of your factory tanks. And you’ll need more than the 650# sack. If you use only that I’d put it on the floor. I get the best results with half of the Mission fin above the water line. 

On top of stock ballast, I have a good bit of lead scattered around the boat. And 450# bags in the lockers and 400# in the walk-thru. 

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17 hours ago, prwkbrder said:

Thanks fellas, I thought this site had a ton of users who could help me out, 2 reply’s only 

This isn't facebook, people (generally) only reply when they have something to contribute to the conversation. I wouldn't think many people have experience with an '11 LSV but go for it lol

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  • 1 month later...

I have 2012 LSV 23'  (same stock ballast) and I am still playing around with this as well.  I have found more weight (additional ballast bags) seems to work.   Guy I bought the boat from from used  a 750 in each locker and a bow bag as well.  I have recently purchased a Swell XL wakeshaper, which I found I really have to push down as low as possible.   Going to try to increase the speed to 11 to see if that will lengthen and clean up the wave.

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  • 8 months later...

So we ended with this set up the end last year.  Filled all stock ballast tanks (my boat has bow tank as well) full 750 on surf side and 3/4 fill of 750 in non surf side. Also if limited people in boat would fill bow bag. Mission Delta 2.0.  Wedge around 75% (wedge will have significant impact) 

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