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LXI Gen 1 vs Gen 2 Long Line Slalom

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Trying to decide on the best open bow ski boat in the 2003 to 2013 years due to budget.   Looking at both Gen 1 LXI 03-06 and Gen 2 LXI 07+.  I'm primarily skiing 15 to 22 off at 30-32 MPH.  Hear Gen 1 wake is better at those long lines and slow speeds.  Anyone who has skied behind both give me some feedback? 

Other differences between Gen 1 and Gen 2 I should consider or specific years to target or avoid?

Thanks in advance!

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Well if you can get a 2012-2013 in your budget I’d definitely go that route as it will actually be a Response TXi and not LXi and the wakes are phenomenal at all line lengths and speeds. When they introduced the TXi, the biggest improvement that they made was to the long line lengths. 

That said, I’ve skied both the 03-06 and 07-11 Responses at those speeds, is the 03-06 better? Yeah probably. They are dang close those and in my honest opinion nothing on the 07-11 is going to hold you back from anything. It’s still a phenomenal wake. The 03-06 are still some of the best looking boats on the water, but they don’t have quite as much freeboard so they are super easy to dip the bow. 

Either way, you can’t go wrong. All three generations ski and drive great. 

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Great response and fast too.  No pun intended!

I like the idea of additional freeboard.  For just me and buddies skiing it probably isn't an issue, but we do family boating as well and I'm not always the captain.  Think the family would be happier with the extra freeboard, especially up front.


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2 hours ago, Virginiaray said:

I'd like to be at 35K or less.  Looks like I need to get into the 40's to get to a TXI.  Never seen any 2012-13 lxis.


Malibu switched the name and made the hull changes plus a few other changes in 2012 to the TXi. You won’t see a 2012+ LXi. 

You can still submerge the bow in the 07-11 lxi but it is much better. I ski one all the time and love it. 

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I have a 2009 RLXI and skied the 03-06 version. They are fairly similar wake wise. For long line slalom I’d favor the 03-06 but feel the 07-11 tracks a little better and isn’t as sensitive to weight distribution. On the 03-06 if you didn’t have something to balance out driver weight it was noticeable to the skier. This effect seems less noticeable on the 07-11. 

Either are great boats though, I don’t regret getting my 2009. Look for anything from 03-11 so you have a bigger selection and just the nicest one you can find that you feel is worth the selling price and you won’t regret it.


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we ski 15 off on our 03 Sunsetter LXI.   The wake is great at that length.  My boys ski 28 and I ski 30 and it's 90% as good as the best ski boats in the world.    I think 22 off could be a little firmer at 30 mph but I've watched my one friend ski it at 36 and no bump then.    

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