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Just upgraded to a newer boat, with a special thanks to The Crew

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Glad ya'll liked it and enjoyed it on your first outing @cla10beck, it really is a nice 'Bu and was well kept!

It was surprising how you pieced it all together inquiring about it from the pic I had posted, glad we could help.  Also, @OLDGUY is from down here too, so that is cool to see!

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Great story and great looking boat.  Very well kept.  I love the clean lines of the LSVs from the 2000s.  And there is nothing better than a boat owner with OCD talking with other owners that have OCD.  Glad you were able to connect - knowing the history of the boat and that the prior owner was meticulous in it's care is priceless.

Sold my last boat ('99 Centurion Elite V) to a first-time boat owner.  He didn't know much, didn't ask any questions, and was un-interested in any of the info I had to give.   Total blank stare when I was explaining "v-drives only back up to the right".  Sigh....  I got a good price for it, but it pained me knowing that the boat that I had spent so much time maintaining and upgrading was destined to be parked in a driveway under a tarp.  It's just a boat, right?  A boat that taught my kids to ski/board and hosted countless family evenings on the lake.

We've moved on and are loving the 23LSV.  The Centurion was a great boat for a smaller budget and smaller family.  I still recommend them to guys wanting to get into a V-Drive for less than 20k, and then grow into a higher end model like Malibu.

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Congrats on your new boat! I also have a new to me boat which is the same 2001 LSV Model, we got this late summer last year. 

We have played around with some surf configurations, some have worked, some not for myself. Struggling to find the wave/board combination that works for 250#'s. Everyone -200lbs was able to go ropeless with ease. 

I have a similar speaker setup, are you able to get your bimini top cover set up? 

Our current set up with the most success:

2 x 750 in the rear locker

MLS filled

Lead in Bow

Heavy guy in the back corner

Suction gate at water level about 2 feet from the back

Wedge down

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My understanding from the previous owner was full rear locker sacs (not sure if they were 750s or larger) a large trangle bow sac, and another sac under the seat on the surf side with wedge down and suck gate.  I am working on getting my setup rear and will report the results.  I am sure others have had success with this hull.  Mine doesn't have the factory center MLS, but it has the plumbing for the center sac.  Any idea how much weight it holds, or the size of the sac?  I am looking at getting a wakemakers custom 70x25x10 for the locker so it will fill completely.  Also, what prop are you running?

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Post pics of the wave posthaste! That beast should throw a nice one!

The factory center bag is 400 lbs, iirc.

Edit: call acme directly for their prop recommendation, but I suspect they'll say to get a 1235.

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Here is a pic of the bimini top that came with the boat.  I just need to make a few modifications to make it easy to fold and stow up next to the tower.  It needs to be easy to slide on the bimini extensions poles.

Regarding the prop, I called acme and they recommended either the 1273 or the 1941.  I have 3 kids under 9 years old, so although my wife and I like to surf and wakeboard with a lot of ballast, I still like to slalom ski and we spend a lot of time pulling kids on skis/wakeboard and cruising with no ballast and (don't flame me) pulling kids in a tube.  So their thinking was that the 1235 was  too focused on lower speed with ballast, but I would welcome any thoughts on this.

Malibu Sunscape 2001 23 LSV pic 4.jpg

Malibu Sunscape 2001 23 LSV pic 5.jpg

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I have 3 young kids as well and we burn fuel pulling tubes.  I enjoyed it as a kid and I like that they do too.  the watersports will come when they are ready.

Great looking boat.  Should serve you well for years to come.  

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No flames with the tube.  My kids liked to wakeboard and surf but being able to be on the water at the same time with their friends made the tube a favorite and something we did every time out with their friends.  I have tons of pictures of them tubing and not a one where they all weren't laughing and having a blast.

I also had a 99 Centurion Elite-V, bought it new and owned it for 10 years before trading it in on a Malibu LSV.  That Centurion was an awesome boat with so many great memories.  Put close to 1,000 hours on that boat pretty much all with the kids and their friends.  Never did anything other than change fluids and a couple of tune ups on the boat and it was almost like new when I traded it in.  All of these boats will last forever if properly taken care of.

It is nice to acknowledge the value of the MalibuCrew.  It seems like there were more active people here 5+ years ago, I know that I have gained a lot of knowledge here as well as helped out a couple people.  It is a great site and reminds me I need to be a paid member again.  Anyone that is active on this site will immediately get their money back by learning how to either better enjoy their boat or do some things themselves which will save them money, keep them on the water or both!  I have found the greatest value of doing things myself is not having to wait to get work done when I want to use my boat.  The cost saving is just an added bonus.

Oh, and the Malibu has also been an amazing boat.  It is a 2010 that I bought from the dealer at the end of 2010 with 7 hours on it.  Have about 700 hours on it now and pretty much trouble free (of course always knocking on wood) other than the power wedge which I can now disassemble and getting working again in less than an hour at the beginning of each year.  At some point I should probably just get new actuators but an hour of time and $100 every couple years for a new internal motor is better than hassling with replacing the actuators.  The boat still looks brand new.


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