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A little Fusion preview


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Well since surgery is keeping me out of the lake for a while. I guess I’ll work on my audio upgrades this weekend. Here’s a preview. 



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Well, I’m mostly a bored engineer. LOL

Really though I’m trying to eliminate a lot of nuisances to the human factors of how we use the stereo in the boat. Safety as well. Not how it sounds or anything, but how we operate it. The short version though is I wanted a top notch dedicated head unit that could do Apple AirPlay and USB without me having to shout my passcode to my phone out over the water to the driver when I’m getting ready to ride a set.  

I’m doing a quick vlog to go over all the little things this weekend and show the before and after. I’ll post it when I get it edited up. 



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Ae you going to just go without the sport dash? Not hating on that plan, but also maybe hoping that you figured out how to mimic it. It would still be nice to have a phone holder, even if you have airplay or whatever.

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@Slurpee, tell us more about the piece the headunit is mounted in. Looks like some sort of custom piece you had machined. Really nice match with the factory bits. Do you have any pics of it separate from the headunit?

I’d be curious to know where you had it made. Asking for a friend. :blush:

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@boardjnky4, I have a great phone holder solution. It’s just not in the frame of the picture. I’ll capture that and show you soon. 

@IXFE I designed it up in Fusion360. Just grabbed the free 30 day trial and watched some videos to learn. Not bad. Took some time though. I submitted it to 3DHubs.com for fabrication, finishing, and anodizing. Very competitive price for a one off after I shopped it around. 




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My favorite part of this thread, and this isn’t to take anything away from the amazing work you are doing, is the quote of, “I’m mostly a bored engineer.” :lol: 

I can totally relate. Can’t leave well enough alone. If it ain’t broke, let’s break it to fix it better!

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Howdy.  I uploaded the vlog.  It should be high res 2.7k once Youtube gets done post processing it.  For now it's coming through at 360p for the impatient.



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1 hour ago, Eagleboy99 said:

Just 'cuz I'm slightly AR - why did you mount it off center?

There was already a 3” Hole in the transom from the remote the factory installed. I think all remotes are off center because the surface is a little flatter. 

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