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Whine noise? Fuel pump?

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Took the boat out of storage and started it up. Seems to run fine but noticed a whine noise that i haven't heard before. When i turn the ignition to the right one click i believe the fuel pump primes correct? Im used to a low hum for 2 seconds and now i hear a loud whine for 2 seconds. When i fire up the engine i head the whining continuously and sounds like it is coming from the fuel pump when i get close to it and listen. I am guessing it is on its way out our could there be other components near the fuel pump that could cause the whine? 

Thanks in advance. 

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Do you have an in-line fuel filter?

There is a screen on the intake side of the fuel pump (or, at least there is on the Pierburg pumps that Indmar was using for my 2006 boat).  If I were you, I would replace fuel filter, if you have not already done so, and maybe check the intake side of the fuel pump for any debris.

Unfortunately, you may be correct in assuming that your fuel pump is ready to fail.  Hopefully, though, you've just sucked some crud from the tank into the fuel line.

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Thanks, i changed the fuel filter a few years back which was back near the tank. Havent checked the intake screen but thanks for the heads up i will do that.

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FWIW, I change my in-line fuel filter every year.  The one they used on my boat is a $15 part and takes me maybe 10 minutes to install.  If there is even just a partial obstruction, I could understand the extra noise as the fuel pump is trying to draw fuel through it.

I've had to replace the fuel pump once on my boat as well.  They are known to sometimes fail.  And, IIRC, I did begin to notice a more pronounced noise on key up before it gave out altogether.

Good luck.

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So I pulled the line off, sprayed some carb cleaner up there and the whine noise is gone or very minimal, big difference. Will also be changing the filter as well. Thanks for the help!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Another update for anyone with this issue. Changes fuel filter and cleaned the screen in the pump and its like it is brand new.

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