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Tower Speakers / Amp Wiring Configuration


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So I just got my new Exile Surf 9’s mounted and wired up to my Wetsounds HT4 amp. I’m not sure how I should have the speaker wires connected. I’m shooting for the 300w rms X 2 configuration for my pair of speakers.

Which example below should I follow?

Do I need to have the switch in the middle picture below on 4 channel or 2 channel?

Do I need to have my RCA cables split using Y adapters so I can input into all 4 channels on the amp?

Do I have to adjust the gain on channels 1/2 and 3/4?





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1.  Bridged diagram 

2. 2 channel 

3. no you only need to input to 1/2 and 3/4 get that signal as well when set to 2channel,  

4. Yes

just keep reading the pdf over snd over and over snd it will all make sense 

took me awhile to understand my ht6 pdf

i recall I needed splitters to run my 6 in boats on an ht6 wired parallel , it repeated 1/2 to 5/6 I think but needed splitters to input 1/2 and 3/4 from inboats rca from EQ

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8 minutes ago, MLA said:

4 chnl


yes, its technically two 2 chnl amps in one chassis. 

4chnl?  The button 2/4 or bridged configuration answer ?  It should be set to 2 channel input to replicate to 3/4 as per above pdf

Yes? Means your telling him to split ? and not use the 2 chnl setting?

i replicate to 5/6 on my HT6 with no problems fir 6 inboats parallel but I have to split to get 1/2 and 3/4 both fed 

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9 minutes ago, MLA said:

Input mode in 4 chnl

Yes, you need RCA splitters

Degraded signal with in the amp ?

why splitters??  You can use just one pair RCA input to 1/2 snd select 2 channel setting and it will replicate to 3/4 as per pdf

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Thanks for the feedback. I think it can be done both ways: 2 channel setting without Y RCA splitters, or 4 channel setting with the Y RCA splitters. After more searching I think I will go 4 channel setting with the splitters. 

This after reading @MLA‘s and @David‘s advice here: 



They both seem to agree that that’s the optimal configuration. 

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