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2001 Malibu Response Tubing Tow Point


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Hey All,

Seems weird to ask this, but which tow point do I pull tubes from in my 2001 Malibu Response?   

I moved from a glastron with an outboard and no tower, to this direct drive boat with a tower.   I guess there are 4 options for connecting towables: The tower, the ski pylon, the rear grab handle (has a tow point it looks like), and the 2 tow hooks at the rear port and starboard sides of the boat.

Also, does the answer change if I am towing 2 tubes at the same time? 

Thanks for any input or experiences.  :D


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You’ll see posts saying to never tow using tower. I’ve pulled up to 3 tubes with 8-9 kids on at once from my tower with no problem. To me that’s the most convenient and easiest to control tube movement.

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I've used the rear tow point, but the rope ends up being in the wake a lot and can cause the tube to nose dive a slow speeds sometimes.  So tower it is, or ski pylon if I don't have a lot of people on board.

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I would use the pylon.

If you have a large crew and want to use the tower I would consider it only when using a safety release.

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i use the rear grab  handle on my 2003 Sunsetter - that is what it is made for.   The main thing with tubes is to not let the rope get slack and keep the speed 25 mph and under ;)

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I would never use the tower.  My neighbors were pulling a tube off the tower with three teenagers on the tube.  They were doing some donuts and spun the kids outside the wake, then the tube submerged and pulled that air bladder out of the cover.   The cover was like an anchor and stop the boat dead in its tracks.  The extra leverage from the tower pull point, pulled the boat over off its axis enough that the back corner of the boat submerged and they took on a significant amount of water and almost submerged their Response.  I always pull from the rear grab handle.  There is a tie point on that specifically for pulling tubes and so forth.   Never had an issue using that and I've pulled 3 tubes with 6 or 7 kids at once many times.

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I also use the rear grab handle, always too many (little people or people lacking boat knowledge)  to use the ski pylon safely....

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