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Engine Circuit Breaker on 2014 Malibu Wakesetter? - ANSWERED

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Can anyone post a picture of where the Engine Circuit breaker is located within the engine compartment? I have 2014 VTX, but I assume it may be the same for many other Malibu boats.

If not a picture, can someone provide a better description than the manual that says it is in the "lower right side of the engine"? When the manual gives right/left like this, how is the observer positioned? In the boat looking back or on the swim platform looking forward?  


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I'm a rare poster, but I was just having the same problem trying to figure this out on my 2012 Sunscape 21 LSV, and I managed to track it down - thankfully it's big and red, with a "35" printed on it.  I;m surprised no one else has replied.  Would be very easy for the manual to have a picture of, or a reasonable description, beyond "lower right side of the engine" - which is especially confusing since it's on the LEFT side of the boat for a V-Drive!  On my boat, you need to pull out the left side engine compartment panel to really see it, even though once you know where it is you can access it by feel from the front of the engine compartment by removing the center back seat cushion.  There is a relay/fuse box tucked up behind the seat backrest/speaker panel, with a black cover, and the reset button is on the right side of the box, below the removable cover, if you're looking back toward the engine from the passenger compartment.

But to really see it, find a way to get yourself down in the bay on the left side of the engine with the access panel pulled (again, I'm talking V-Drive here), with your head to the front of the boat, and you should see the red button below the black relay/fuse box cover, just in front of the blue plug wires.  I will try and come back and post some pictures, but I'm troubleshooting my own no-start problem here trying to get my boat on the water.

My Malibu experience has honestly been horrible over the last 5 years of owning this boat, purchased in May 2014 as a new boat from a dealer.  The Malibu "owners manual" is the poorest manual I have ever read, minimal info, not written for someone who needs to know how the thing works, but for someone who is happy to head to the dealer for every aspect of operating and maintaining the boat.  In retrospect, I wish I had done my homework on the company.  Here's a clue - go to the Malibu website, and try to find something related to SUPPORT.  Thank goodness for this website and Bakesonline - but even with that, I'm starting my 6th season once again trying to figure out why the boat won't operate - not the way I want to be spending my Memorial Day holiday.

Sorry to rant, hope I helped you a bit.


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Thanks Dave!!! I was also surprised no one had replied earlier given this is likely something many had to find when troubleshooting engine issues. Luckily for me, I didn’t have any issues this weekend. I have the boat in the driveway now. I’ll check this out tomorrow and post back. 

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I took out my rear seat when my boat gave a Loss of CAN signal error and wouldn't start... I took a bunch of pics of the engine you can't normally see easily... Here is the Engine Circuit breaker highlighted with the green arrow and the close up below with the '35' Amp label.

Hope this helps others.

BTW, my issue was a bad ECM. Replaced it with a new one and problem went away.  The ECM is at the top-middle of the picture with the big heat sink and three wire harnesses connected to it

This is a Indmar Monsoon 350 engine... 




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