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Speedometer bounces around and sometimes does not move

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2002 Sunscape 23 LSV

Any hints on how to fix a speedometer that bounces around sometimes and other times reads 0.  I have blown out the eyelets with no luck in fixing the issue.  Quite frustrating and looking for tech help.  Thanks!

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The GPS conversion sounds like a good idea.  Will it integrate with my perfect pass?  If I go GPS and the MDC is going bad do I still need to replace the MDC?  Basically does the GPS conversion still use the MDC.  Seems like the MDC is pretty expensive as it is around $500...  Does anywhere sell refurbished ones?  I could only find the new ones at bakesonline.

I will try switching the cables like Eagleboy says to determine if MDC problem.

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All of your gauges are controlled by the MDC.  If one gauge is bad, the rest are soon to follow.  The GPS speedo is separate from the MDC - it only needs power.  MDC is  a POS IMHO - mine is being replaced by a full set of analog gauges.  White face, too! :)  You can't find refurbished ones since the problem is usually water infiltration.  FWIW, for the cost of a new one you can basically get a full set of Faria gauges if you do the wiring yourself - lots of info on the webs about this.

As for your PerfectPass, the speedo is separate from the speedo so it merely needs the connections you already have.  It _might_ depend on the model of PP though.  Call Mark at PP and find out.

Let us know how the wire swap goes.


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So here is the update . I found a wire under the dash that was not being used.  So I unplugged that and plugged in the one that was not in use and ended up with the same results.  I then started looking at wires and found some that looked in bad shape going into the speedo up or down and pitot left or right.  I jiggled those and the speedo worked after.  I am going to rewire those to fix the issue.  The good news is that the computer seems to be ok.  I still want to get GPS.  So to go GPS by Nautic it is about $300 dollars.  I found a Faria gauge with GPS($200) that looks clean but the size(hole size 3.3") of the gauge will not fit since the Malibu hole is too big.  The Malibu ones are 4.5" as you can see below.  Any ideas or pics ppl can share of upgrading the dash?  Thanks for all the help so far.





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1 hour ago, tvano said:

that brass screw in the pix has a T head that rests on a copper conductor.

corrosion builds between the two.

More likely a pooched stepper motor.  they are apparently fixable but good luck with that.

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