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2012 vlx wake or diamond?

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Hi guys... looking for some insight regarding a 2012 vlx. Have two boats to choose from 21.5 diamond or 21.5 wake... I used to ski the course at 31... more into surfing now but still want to get out for a good ski in the morning. Is there that much of a difference in the wake between these two boats? Thw wake one I can buy has a 410 and the diamond has a 350... both the same price... what's the better option? 

Plz and thx! 

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If you have the option to ski behind both I would start there.  I have a 2010 23 LSV with the diamond hull and enjoy slalom skiing behind it.  In my younger days I was also a course skier (best was 32off at 34).  The LSV is not a course boat but me and my buddies can still cut it up behind the giant LSV and we ski between 32 and 34 mph.  I have the 350 in my LSV and find it has plenty of power but I only use stock ballast and most of my hours are at sea level.  It might come down to which one was better taken care of but I suspect you will find the cross over abilities much better with the diamond hull.  I have not boarded behind the wake hull but find the diamond hull is plenty for boarding and likely not a significant difference with surfing.  I know that many here would suggest going with a newer model for the surf gate which I do not have experience with.  For me it would get down to am I really willing to pay $X dollars for a slightly better surf wake that I can get pretty close with a suction cup wake shaper?

Good luck!

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I have a 2017 22 VLX that I custom ordered with the diamond hull because I wanted the option to ski with it.   While I was not a course skier, I was a pretty aggressive free skier in my day.   IMHO, the slalom wake behind my VLX is marginal at best, and requires at least 32-33 to flatten out  at all.  While I have not skied a VLX wake hull, it supposedly would not be as good as the diamond with all other things held equal.   There are things that definitely help the wake - small crew (2017 season we would go early with min of skier, driver, and observer), a little ballast in the bow tank, rope length, etc.   You will find that a little experimentation goes a LONG way.    I have had a few two plankers out (including me), and found the wave a little weird at 28mph... best spot seemed to be RIGHT behind the rooster tail.  Further back there seemed to be a dip right before the wave as you were moving outside the wake... which had the tendency to cause inexperienced skiers bury a tip.

Having said that, Im old enough now that slalom crashes truly do hurt, and the slalom ski never went in the water last year as I (and my crew) were all obsessed with surfing.    I still glad I have the diamond hull for flexibility sake, but I could easily entertain the argument that given my usage (primarily surf) that I didnt need it, and could have sacrificed more skiability for better surfability.   BUT... properly trimmed out, my surf wave is fantastic. 

Just my .02... hope it is helpful in some way.

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I have a 2012 vlx with a diamond hull and I am extremely happy with the all around nature of the boat. I don’t ski much but I can ski it aggressively. A little bow weight and about 31-32. Like said above, right behind the rooster is the spot to cross. There’s definitely a bump there but if you hit it hard, it is actually surprisingly decent. I wanted a wake Hull since I primarily wakeboard and surf but I have been on the same vintage boats with the wake hull and could tell no distinguishable difference between the two for wake boarding and surfing. I have not skied a wake hull vlx but my guess is it would be equally indistinguishable. Take that from me with a grain of salt as I am no pro in any discipline. I have become a bit of a wake snob tho and I like my wakes and waves just right. IMHO the only difference is the psychological difference of knowing you’re on a boat with either hull. I believe it to be marketing hype. I almost didn’t buy my boat because I was dead set on getting a wake hull. Glad I was able to get past that because I couldn’t be happier with my boat. I give 2 thumbs up and say go for it. 

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