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Calloway Hammerhead Lovers??

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Does anyone have anything good to say about the Calloway 365hp Hammerheads from late 90 bu's?? I'm considering a purchase and recent discussions re:this motor are a bit alarming. I'd love to hear both sides...... Also, what are the major problems with the older hammerheads and what should I look out for? I'm a blonde-chick and don't want to make a 'blonde' mistake on this purchase! :blush:


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Sonny, You should be able to defend your resale value. If you

have owned the '98 for a long time & have had no/little trouble

with the HH tell the world. From what I have heard, there were

good ones & bad ones, but I have no personal experience.

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Quote=Sonny,May 8 2005, 08:36 AM]

Are there any specific stories ?, I don't need rumors killing my resale.

Sonny - that's exactly what I'm looking for. If the motor in your '98 has been reliable, then please let the world know because lord knows there has been enough bad press via the discussions boards. Speak up for the resale value of your boat!!!!!!!!!

BTW - I test drove the boat w/the hammerhead today and it was amazing!

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sorry to tell you guys this, but I compelled to help.

Those motors are soo bad that you better get rid of them immediately. To help you out, I'm willing to pay each of you $250 (you pay shipping) and I'll take these boats off your hands. I'll try to make it up by parting out the rigging.

Be certain, this is in your best interest, and I'm only trying to help. ;)

Seriously, If you haven't been having issues, then dont worry. Most issues will show up fairly quickly. It may affect your resale, but it may affect your resale for the better because many/most buyers are un-aware of issues with this motor and would pay more to have the extra horses.

Dont sweat it.

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I think eagledriver (Galaxy Toad) had a run of bad luck with the Calloway Hammerhead.

Did you contact Malibu in Merced, CA? Maybe speak with Mike Sanchez or Guy Coward and see if they have any opionions on the Calloway. It may help your research a bit. Also, Peter (Smoothwatersports) ? May have some insight, you can try PM'ing him.

You may want to do a search at the old MBO = www.wakesiderides.com and see if you can find any more info there.

Just remember there has been an evolution of Hammerheads. The Colloway was a stroker engine, kind of special edition engine. Then there were other Hammerheads like the 375 and 380 (not stroker engines). And currently for 05 Malibu is offering the Hammerhead 383 which is a stroker engine, only its built by GM performance vs. Calloway. So, when your doing your research, make sure you distinguish between the different Hammerheads. (Personally, I think Malibu should have changed the names of these engines as they evolved, make it a little simpler to keep track off.)

Good Luck

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