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2019 Maiden Voyage - Wedge Error and Prop Advice

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The weather turned on for us east of the Cascades and the 2019 season started a little earlier than usual for me.  The water was a balmy 55F but that provides some legit motivation to stay upright on the surfboard!  My 2018 23LSV turned 32 hours old yesterday and I got one gremlin that I can't find any info on and also a question about prop selection.


As for the gremlin, if I took the wedge to the highest running position, I got a "Warning: Wedge Drag" error that would pop-up intermittently for 0.5-3 seconds.  I stayed one click down from that for the rest of the day, but this error is a little different from the wedge calibration warning that comes up occasionally on the forum and I can't seem to find any information on it.  Does anyone know of this error and a potential fix?  I believe it means that it is riding too high but not sure if it is a sensor issue or in the actuator.  

For reference in the debug screen at lift it is 0/0.49V and at vert its 71/1.86V.


For a classic topic, I'm unhappy with my surfing RPMs and ability to hold surf speeds consistently.  The 410 engine is bogging down in the 10.6 MPH range at just about 4k RPM... I was porpoising a bit yesterday since it was just a tune up day and I didn't want to subject the passengers who were humoring me on a somewhat chilly afternoon to a bunch of wave tuning so that has something to do with it.  However, I recall last year that I had some of the same bogging down issues and would like to try and correct them.  I currently have the 2277 which according to a lot of threads seems to be the standard bearer.  Though, the ACME website is recommending the 2249 or even as much as the 3065.  I have the dual wakemakers 580 PnPs that I run 75% or so and then will throw a bow bag in around 500lbs if I have a small crew.  Any advice on what the correct prop would be to help quiet down the motor and up the torque without making it too painful to travel around?  We generally don't go very far, so if my cruising speed goes from the current 24-26 down to 22/23 ish that is fine.

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What’s your altitude? Those are around the RPMs I would see with the 2249 in the same boat and 410 near sea level. Going from the 2277 to the 2249 will generally add another 200-300 RPMs.

I suspect though that your prop is working too hard since your boat isn’t balanced, and it’s too bow high. Porpoising occurs when there’s too much weight in the rear for the relative speed.

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I'm basically at sea level.  I now see that the 2249 is actually a lower pitch... I guess my mental model was backwards.  So the only way I could actually reduce RPMs is to go to the 2367 but then my torque is going the wrong way... right?.  Guess the 2277 is where it's at after all.  I'll just work on dialing in the wave.  I had it figured out pretty well by the end of last season but I guess I lost it over the off season.  Probably just less weight in the rear when I am going simple-mode and not ballasting the front.

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what is you wedge setting?  a good fit for that boat with your weight set up and motor is wedge 2 or 3 from lift and speed around 11-11-2

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I usually am one or two down from vert as I prefer a steeper wave.  I have trouble getting above 10.8 or so, but I'm also using the paddle wheel on a pretty fast moving river, so that seems to confuse the speed control enough that the engine doesn't want to rev up to deal with the surges.  I remember having things running top notch last year with a better weight distribution... so I'll chalk it up to pre-season cobwebs.

The pic is two notches down but you can see I have some wash out on the lip.  I'll get her pegged by the end of the month.


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