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Ballast Pump not filling more than about 25%?

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I have a 2009 VLX with factory hard tanks in the rear (200 pounds in each locker. I also have WakeMakers 910 pound piggyback bags in each locker. I just got the boat and was on the water messing around, getting familiar with some of the controls.


When I tried to fill the tanks, I noticed the left rear tank and Piggyback bag filled fine, but the right tank and bag only filled to about 25%. I assume the hard tank filled as part of the piggyback bag did fill slightly. After that, the pump just stopped working and would not fill anymore.


I searched these forums and google for a similar issue and found a YouTube video:


My boat looks slightly different then the one in the video so before doing anything with my boat, I figured I should check with the experts here. I am not handy at all, but I should be able to check for any obstruction in the pump and clear it out.

I've attached a couple pics showing what mine looks like. The one giving me problems is the one on the starboard side (right on the controls). It's a Piranha 800 pump. How should I open it and check for any obstructions?


Thank you!!!




Piranha 800 Pump.jpg

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Here's a picture of where I think a screw should be that allows the pump to come apart and clean out. Mine doesn't appear to have a screw. I then tried to just unscrew the blue part that is also suppose to release the pump so you can open it up. When I turn in either clockwise, or counter clockwise it will become a little loose, then tighten back up if I keep turning.


How can I take this pump apart so I can clean it out?





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That hole is for a screw and small piece of plastic that is used to lock the blue ring from turning so things don't come apart unexpectedly due to vibration. You should turn the blue ring till it loosens and the top part of the pump will come off. Probably have to wiggle it out as it is a press fit with oring.

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I was able to gently pry the very top of the pump cover off with a screw driver, but it only reveals some wires. It doesn't open the pump itself for me to clear out any possible obstructions.


With the top white cover off, I am able to completely loosen the blue ring now. Even with the blue ring loosened and the top white cover removed, the rest of the pump doesn't come apart, even with moderate force. I'd hate to use too much force and risk breaking it.


How would you suggest I get the pump apart? Should I keep trying with more and more force? Do I try to force the white housing up and out (where the red arrows are pointing)?


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If they have not been taken a part in a while they can be pretty tough to get off.  Hold the housing with one hand to make sure you are not stressing the threaded inlet and then wiggle the cartridge out.  Wiggle more than you pull and eventually it will come apart.  You can use a lot of force without worrying as long as you are not putting that force on the housing/threaded inlet. 

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It actually seemed to have resolved itself. I'm assuming it was clogged when filling, but when I let it drain it became unclogged. I went out again today and it filled just fine.


Thanks for all the help! I will know how to take it apart if it happens again in the future and doesn't resolve itself.



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