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22mxz Setup

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Hey Everyone,

I am trying to get up a great surf wave for all the different situations we have on the boat.  We ride with all different kinds of crowds: 2 people in boat, 12 people in boat, small people (100lbs) surfing, big people (250lbs) surfing. 

Is there any advice you can give on setting the wave in these different situations? 

What should water flow look like around the surfgates and swim platform if it is set correctly? I noticed when I was surfing that water was spraying all over the place over the surf gate.

How do i set ballasts different for 12 people in boat vs 2, etc....? 

How should I use wedge as well?

How do i set up boat to provide an easy comfortable wave for beginners?

How do i set up the boat for a longer wave, so i can learn tricks?

I have several huge friends that weigh over 250 lbs and they have struggled learning how to ride.  They say they need more push.  How do i best set it up for larger riders?  I bought the Doomswell El Jefe for my larger friends, so they board should be good to go.

I am sure i can help them more if i knew how to dial it in for them.  I bought 250 lbs of lead the other day too, which i can use.

Thanks for any advice.


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While I have never surfed behind a 22 MXZ I can provide some general insight in how to set up your wave. Keep in mind a surf wave is all about water displacement, weight in the back of the boat will give height and power to your wave and weight in the front of the boat will give the length. Due to your crew and fuel level you will always need to tweak your set up each trip.  Start with with all of the hard tanks full, then fill your PNP bags in the rear lockers, next deploy your wedge.  I like a bigger, steeper wave so I run my wedge on the 2nd setting from max. I would use the wedge as your primary tool to adjust the wave for different riders. Speed is the next big factor, the slower you go the bigger and steeper your wave, the faster you go the longer the wave.  I prefer to run about 10.8 to 11.2 depending on the day.  Many people add bow weight but I only do that if I need to offset a bigger crew in the boat.  You should have a nice clean wave with no crumble at the lip.   Bigger rider=more wedge and lower speed, beginner rider=less wedge.  Hope that helps and have fun you will figure it out pretty quickly!


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I add 200 lbs of leadwake to the pickle fork in my 22 MXZ.  Start with full ballast all around and full PNP in the rear lockers.  If you have a bigger crew with no one in the bow, dump a little weight from the rear bags.  I also list the boat just a bit towards the side that the surfer is on by dumping weight from rear ballast on the opposite site.  Wedge at 1-2 clicks from the bottom is a good start.  If you have a heavier rider who is new, i typically give them an extra click of the wedge... the pocket is shorter but taller and they get a little more push. 

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