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what is my 383 hammerhead motor worth? non runner

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Hey guys im looking to buy a remanufactured engine but im wondering what my current engine is worth ? its seized up and its a 2006 hammerhead with the aluminum head what would somebody pay for it ? thanks

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1 minute ago, adam911 said:

@Steve B. i believe you keep the head in most cases or you can send it in to get checked and worked on 

So you are looking at a short block?  Better make sure you know why the engine is siezed before planning on reusing your old heads. 

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1 minute ago, Steve B. said:

If the block is rebuildable, maybe its worth more ? Think its a main bearing issue, pistons went thermonuclear ?

Steve B.

If the block is rebuildable then it is worth the core charge,  If it is junk then you don't get your core charge back.

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I think what oldjeep is trying to tell you is that it is only worth turning in for the core charge :whistle: any one who might need one would do what you are doing and buy a rebuilt with a warranty.

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Being it's a Hammerhead, the block is probably a 4-bolt main, you can buy a brand new one for like $400. If that one is seized, you'll have to have it bored/honed, for like $250, so the block is worth on paper $150. (Doesn't include actually transporting and such)

The pistons are worthless.

The valve train is worthless.

Crank shaft should be forged so might be worth a little IF it isn't damaged. I know you can buy those I believe for around $800, have to turn that one, so it might be worth $500. I personally wouldn't run a stroked crank that is turned in a boat application, but to each his own. 

You might be able to find someone to give you that for a seized short block, but most are going to walk given that if it's seized you're buying a pig in a poke. Someone might buy it and just get it running with an old set of heads and move it down the line to some unsuspecting soul.

What's the core charge?


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A seized motor is worthless unless you take the time to break it down and check everything to see whats salvageable at that point you might as well rebuild it 

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What all have said, it is only worth the core charge. If you have the ability, gumption, and time and want to tear it down and see for yourself, it might be cost effective but I doubt it. I can do all that stuff but wouldnt. The motor seized for a reason. A small score on the cylinder can render the block useless. Generally all the parts of rebuilding a motor cost more than the price of a crate motor. 

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