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Water leaking from shaft and plate

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Hi guys !!

I have the bilge pump running a lot as soon as a stop!

I have some water leaking from the shaft and from the plate ( i dont know how its called) behind the shaft.

It is leaking when the engine is stopped, when iddling and when turning fast!

I have read in another thread that I should repack with gore tex the shaft and tighten it.

But for the metal plate, what should I do?

I already tried to remove it, to make a sika seal but the is still a lot water leaking from the screws... Have you good advice for it? Should I try to fiberglass it all arround ?

Thanks a lot and sorry for my bad english I am from tahiti!


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That is known an an HDS box leak.  Search on here for how to fix.  That looks like it has already been repaired once.  If you can see the leak there, good.  Easier.  If you're taking on water and cant see where its coming from its between the liner and hull = much harder.  Been a while since I was well-read on the best HDS attack, but I can tell you that's what it is!  Very very very common.  Someone will post some how-to's I'm sure.


EDIT: Good gosh that is a massive packing leak!  Tighten it up for now!  Use 2 wrenches to loosen the "Set" nut then tighten the packing nut.  Plenty of online videos.

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easy fix for the HDS that I did was remove the screws, cleaned residual caulk that was used, re-caulked with 3m 5200. Fixed leak... 

Better way is the one formulaben lined too (long term permanent solution).

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Hi again!

Thanks a lot for your help, everything is very clear for me now !

I have another question : I tried to loosen the stuffing box, I bought 2 pipe wrench (I only found that here in tahiti) but the wrench for the locking nut is to wide as the hose is juste next to...


How can I do to hold the nut without damaging the hose ?

Is it possible to change the hose ? Do I have to remove the shaft ?

If yes, is it hard to remove the shaft? I have only to loosen the 4 bolts ? 


Thanks a lot for your help again !


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You could always grind the wrench thinner.  If that is not an option, removing the shaft should be fairly painless.  Really if I am thinking correct those 4 bolts dont come out go to the back of the shaft on the other side of the vdrive and there is 1 nut, should be keyed in.  After the rudder is removed you can slide the shaft out the bottom of the boat.  Watch the prop and shaft sliding out, and damaging the prop.  I may suggest you remove the prop first to reduce the chance of damage.   The 4 bolts hold the coupler which is essentially a way to key the shaft and vdrive together.  I am still unsure what this would do to not damage the rubber, but it could be changed after the shaft is out.  Why are you trying to loosen the sruffing box anyway

  I did not catch that sorry.


Good luck, I hope it helps

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Actually I wanted to first try to tighten the box then I would like to change the packing of the stuffing box so I need to loosen the 2 nuts !

I was wondering if I would change the hose too as it looks a bit used ! But removing the shaft from the coupler seems to be complicated

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If you're comfortable working with fiberglass I would just fix it using the Everglass tutorial, but 3M 5200 is pretty tough stuff and will make for a quicker repair.

As for the hose, those are really beefy, so it's doubtful it needs to be replaced but for sure tighten the hose clamps.

Also, since you're in Tahiti I assume you're running in salt water, and if so be forewarned that the Gore-tex GFO packing can lead to galvanic corrosion on the prop shaft (see explanation on page 3.)  Although many have good results with it, the Teflon impregnated flax rope is still quite robust.

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Thanks a lot guys !

You are right I run in salt water, thats why I want to be dry because I have a lot of corrosion under the engine!

I have read all the 2 articles you gave me. i have read about the corrosion, I think I will try to find teflon impregnated flax rope.

For the HDS I will do it with fiberglass but without cutting to be able to replace the plate as a security...

I will try to grind my pipe wrench to make I thinner and to be able to hold only the thin nut...


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