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springtime issues

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Springtime here in Louisiana and I've had the 21 vlx out for some cruising runs. A couple of things have come to my attention. The O-ring on my center drain plug dried out and crumbled. My friend, who has a '15 Supra said it doesn't matter-that he doesn't have an O-ring on either of his plugs and hasn't for years with no issues. Issue #2 is my fault. Apparently when the boat was winterized they disconnected the strainer and I didn't check it. I ran the boat for a while with no issues until idle, then the temps started to climb, then the bilge pump started going crazy-which is when I investigated and found the strainer cap unscrewed. I reconnected it and got all the water out. Since then however the temps climb to 190 plus when idling. When underway they are around 160-170. I don't remember this happening last year. Also, my boat has always been bone dry in the bilge-now the auto bilge comes on every time I go out. Boat was bought new last year-so less than 1 year on the impeller-did I toast it by running without the strainer connected? And the leak-could it be from no O-ring or is there another spot I need to check since its possible something else was left disconnected? This is my first wakeboat but I have had other boats and there was nothing to do besides drop them in and go.

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sounds like you burnt up an impeller.  What year is this VLX?  if you open the impeller housing and remove it (used two flat heads or two paint can openers to pry out) and there are missing pieces of the impeller, you need to now remove the hose to your trans cooler since they will be lodged there and will also cause flow issues to then cause overheating.

buy an O-ring kit at Harbor Freight and slap a new one on.

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For the "T" handle plug, any same sized "O" ring will work, but I believe it is a tapered thread. I know the transom plug is tapered and I have never had any issues/leaks with any of my boats. Probably shredded the impeller some when it was run dry or you just could of have already had some junk in the trans cooler. Either way pull the trans cooler hose from the inlet side and check inside against the screen for debris. It will be the short "J" hose from the raw water pump to the cooler. You have many options for leaks. Could be the raw water pump plate gasket and or loose screws for same 8mm/5/16". Knock sensor or block drain plugs, manifold cross over hose, which looks like a garden hose with brass fittings. It most likely is sitting on top of the trans or VD. Loose hose clamps for the raw water hoses, heater or dripless shaft seal. Best bet, fake a lake it and check for leaks with the dividers out. Good luck

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14 minutes ago, Weaklink said:

Also, my boat has always been bone dry in the bilge-now the auto bilge comes on every time I go out.

keep the boat in idle on the water and look at your shaft coupling underneath the Vdrive, any drips?  It's also possible that one of the hoses were not seated back on properly or tight after de-winterization.  inspect all cooling hoses to make sure they are seated all the way up and the hose clamps are tight.  This will be a process of elimination if its not your shaft leaking.  I would normally have someone put my boat in gear and drive it about 5 mph (under a slight load) and start inspecting all hoses with a flashlight

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I really appreciate the replies. I was worried it was the impeller, just didn't want to make more work for myself if it wasn't necessary. Boat is a 2017 that I bought new in 2018-around this same time of year. 

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