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World Barefoot Center


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I was wondering if anyone here has been to the World Barefoot Center. I am going for a full day and was wanting to know of anyone's experiences with them. I currently am looking to progress my footing skills to backward footing and surface turns. I'm excited to go because my sons are also going they are 10 and 7.  They obviously are not going to learn the way that I did which was stepping off long line. Any comments would be appreciated.

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Nice folks. My buddy has been several times & took me with him last year to pick up some drivers tips. Best part of the day was watching some amazing footers that were there training. Those guys do stuff on water I can't do on land!

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@Barefooter88:  If you are getting some backwards footing instruction I highly suggest bringing your driver along if possible.  At least for me, the driver is pretty darn important on the back stuff.  Forwards as long as they can hold speed and drive straight, I am fine but even so, a good driver helps immensely on the tumbles as a slight drop in speed at the right time can be very helpful.  Well worth the time and $ and you will remember the session for a long time.

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They are awesome instructors, the very best! But expecting to gain backwards and turns skills in a day is expecting a miracle. Spend 3 or 4 days so you will have a chance at some small success and gain a few building blocks to take home and work on this summer.

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If you listen well and are pretty comfy on your feet, back deeps on the 5-foot line are perfectly doable in a day - but the driving is critical at the learning stage, which is where the instructors will really affect the learning curve.  Long line would be a stretch in one day.

Even with a week down there, I'd be pretty impressed to see surface turns (front to backs) happening on bare feet, but could likely get some in on trainers.  Now if you're talking tumble-turns, that's a different animal, and you could likely get some back deeps and tumbles in the same day.

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2 hours ago, Bird said:

My advise is get the fundamental front to back on shoe skis first. 5 or 6 falls backwards at 40 mph and you won’t be able to look up for a week🤪

hate out the backs...always enough time during the fall to think, 'crap, gonna feel this tomorrow....', although, I'll still take them any day over a toe-edge catch on the wakeboard.....

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On 4/23/2019 at 3:20 PM, Bird said:

My advise is get the fundamental front to back on shoe skis first. 5 or 6 falls backwards at 40 mph and you won’t be able to look up for a week🤪

I have a pair of Seipel shoe skis! Would be glad to sell them. 

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