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Power Wedge Actuators Always Running

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Hello all looking for a little help with an issue on my 2009 VLX. The power wedge actuators are always running when the battery switch is in the on position. Doesn't matter if the ignition is on or not. I have ruled out the actuators as the issue but can't seem to understand where the issue is coming from on the boat side. The boat has the Maliview system, so from what I can tell there is no separate Lenco box under the helm (if there is I can't find it). Checked all the obvious, wiring for shorts, fuse panel, water in any of the plugs, all look ok. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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If it is the MUX switch it is most likely the one to the right of the steering wheel  above the key. Mine was acting kind of flakey when I sold it.

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Thanks for the replies. It does have the MUX switch but I believe it is still ok. The actuators power even with the switch disconnected at the back as well, the other functions on the switch (stereo, blower) are working ok.

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There may be an issue with the power module (the big box under the helm with all the fuses in it).  If one of the the switches on the circuit board have shorted, it may continuously run the actuators.  Pull out the 30 amp fuse/breaker for the wedge and see if they still continue to run.

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Mine ended up being the power module that is built inside the main Medallion box.  The Malibu dealer wanted $1,200 for an entire new Medallion.  I bought a DPDT rocker switch, removed the power wedge pos/neg wires and plugged them into the back of the rocker switch I mounted under the helm and bypassed the Medallion.  Everything works great and now I don't have to be in gear to drop/raise the wedge.  It's manual now.  I even bought the PowerWedge rocker switch cover from Bakesonline.com so that it looks uniform.

By the way, that is how you can test.  Unplug those Pos/Neg PW wires leading into the medallion, extend them to a battery.  if it goes down fine with Pos/Neg hooked up to a  battery and then reverse polarity the wires on the battery to go back up, then it's your PW module built into the Medallion.  $25 bypass fix my way OR $1,200 plus labor fees the dealer way 

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