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2018 Axis T22 ballast options.


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Hi Malibucrew. 

Im picking up my new Axis this Friday. What’s the best pnp ballast option for the 2018 Axis T22 with PW2?

I’m at 1000’ above sea level. 

Monsoon 410 w/2773 prop. 

Dealer installs T series bow bag and dual WO25-750 rear bags. 

Wake-maker offers 440lb bow bag and dual 865lb rear bags. 

My main concern is getting on plane. I’m not sure if the 2018 Axis with PW2 has auto launch. 

I have 500 lbs of lead wake too, not sure if I’ll need to use it or not. 

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You wont need to the 865 rears unless you plan to use a bunch of lead up in the bow also. The 440 is about the biggest bow bag you can fit up there, and Id say it doesnt even fill 100%. Those 750's will be perfect, and you dont always have to fill them all the way up. And yes PW2 does have lift mode, but thats for wakeboard speeds. You shouldnt have an issue with that ballast and prop setup.

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Sounds like your dealer is setting up your boat perfectly. And as mentioned above, PW2 has lift which helps tremendously. Since you have the 500 of lead you can play around with where you want that extra weight. @Raimie has her T22 absolutely dialed for surfing so she may be able to help with where to put that lead. I can't remember if she runs any extra weight or not.

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I run about 300 lbs of lead in the observers compartment, pushed forward as far as it will go. You will need to set it on a non-skid mat of some sorts because otherwise it will slide back when you take off. I have the same bags as you. Just fill up everything, start at 11 mph and give it a go. I run in a river, so our speeds might vary slightly. I usually set my wedge on position #3 or #4, BUT also played with it last year with the wedge stowed. MOST people could not tell the difference! The '18 T22 surfs great with this setup. No listing is needed (previously I listed my '14). Typically I have a minimal crew, but I do try to keep the fuel tank pretty full.

You will have ZERO issues getting to surf speeds with this setup. With PW2 I can very easily get on plane with this same setup for wakeboarding as well. I don't typically run it that way, but I do have a friend that can take advantage of that wake... @hunter77ah :clap:

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