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Older In-Boat Speakers (2010 LSV)


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I had been noticing a decrease in the quality of the stereo for a while and last fall noticed the bow speakers had an issue with the cones separating from the rubber surrounds.  So this winter I pulled the rest of the in-boat speakers and noticed that the cone had separated from the surrounds on 7 of the 8 speakers.  I was then surprised how expensive these speakers are as they seem to be in the low to mid $200's per pair so roughly $1,000 to replace them all.  (They are the RF factory in-boat speakers.)

So I figured why not do a quick YouTube search to see if you can just repair them.  This seemed to be an issue that has been addressed quite frequently with a very easy fix and a quick Amazon search found glue to repair them for less than $10 delivered to my house. 


I finished the repair project and have not yet re-installed them in the boat but they certainly appear to be as good as new with respect to the cone having a good attachment to the surrounds.  I could have been a little better with the glue but I figured a little too much would be better than not enough and it really isn't noticeable and the excess glue overlapped a little bit onto the cones but not the surrounds so I am sure they will function just fine.  The surrounds and cones themselves were in very good shape and after the repair just moving the cones with my fingers seems like they will function just fine. I did clean up the cones and surrounds prior to repairing them as they all had a lot of dirt/dust on them.  Just used a wet paper towel to clean the dirt from the cones and rubber surrounds followed by a little rubbing alcohol (very light and just on the surrounds where I was applying the glue) prior to applying the glue.  The cones are glued on top of the rubber surrounds.  When I did the repair I pulled the surrounds so they were sitting on top of the cones for the cleaning and to apply the glue directly to the edge of the rubber surround.  This is easy to do as once you get the surround on top of the cone in one spot it is easy to work your way around the cone to get the rest of the surround on top.  Once the glue was applied I was able to push the edge of the cone from behind working my way around the speaker so the cone was now on top of the surround again and on top of where I had applied the glue.  I then looked at the bond from behind (need good light because it is kind of hard to see) and did have to use a small piece of plastic to push the surround from behind against the cone in a couple of places.  This will all make more sense once you get into the project.

Hopefully will get them back in the boat this weekend and a trip on the water with my stereo back to sounding like it did when it was new.  FYI - I do have the factory sound system (2010 LSV) with 8 in-boat spearkers, a 12" sub and 4 6x9 tower speakers.  That system sounded absolutely terrible when I first took delivery of the boat.  I added an AudioControl3.2 EQ and tuned the amps and it was like an entirely new system and I get tons of people complimenting how good it sounds.  You can have as much sound as you want surfing and it is just OK if wakeboarding.


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Had the same issues on my RFs from my ‘10 as well. I cheaped out on my cheap speakers and didn’t notice a difference because the Revs overcame them so I stuck with what worked. Black RTV gasket maker. Soft, pliable and nearly invisible. Yeh a redneck solution but it worked.

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Had a chance to get the boat out for a bit.  The speaker repairs worked great and the speakers sounded like new again.  The glue seems to have done it job well and so much better than replacing 8 speakers.

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