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Your Boating/TMC History


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I grew up on boats as well, never fished just water sports. Parents had a late 80’s early 90’s chaparral I/O that I learned to ski on then in 96 we got a Malibu sunsetter LX  and my dad had that for 20 years, so many good memories. I bought my first boat in 2015, a new Axis T22 and the old Malibu only saw the water once that year. Crazy how much they’ve changed. Sold the Axis in fall 2016 and ordered a 2017 Moomba Craz. Considering upgrading again sometime soon, crazy how my dad had the same boat for 20 years and I can’t keep one more than a couple years. 

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Great read, love the photos.... Need to get financial so I can post pictures and have my 2 cents worth. Any discount for Australian members?....hehehe

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10 hours ago, truckjunky87 said:

We've always had a boat while growing up.  The first one I remember was a 19-20' outboard.  I don't even know what brand or model.  To me at the time all boats looked the same.  Spent many evenings at a small reservoir  (Pineview) where somehow my dad earned the reputation of always bringing the rain/wind with him.



Usually took 2-3 trips down to Lake Powell a year where it I have many memories of him leaning over the outboard trying to get to run.  But also have many great memories as well. 

That's me helping wash the boat.


My dad owned a business in power equipment and began talking with a boat manufacturing back east who was looking for dealers in the west.  My dad got interested and manage to buy a 1985 or 86 Thundercraft 1960ls I/O at dealer cost while exploringThundercraft2.thumb.JPG.9855cd14e9af747e890b9a421315fd1c.JPG


That top boat looks just like the one that gave me my first faceplant on dual waterskis.  We never had a boat growing up, but a girl from the rival high school basketball team invited me on a date to Pine View reservoir.  She was always self conscious of her height being somewhere around 6'4" tall (not your sister is it?).  Being 6'9", I was the right fit.  I managed to get myself up on 2 skis on one of my first tries, but was wobbling all over the place and eventually faceplanted as we turned the corner.  I remember being surprised how much water could hurt, and also that she was laughing hysterically for about 10 minutes straight.   I am sure that my lanky self wobbling around, almost falling, and then finally crashing in epic fashion was pretty entertaining.  The relationship never took off.   

Now I laugh hysterically whenever someone has a faceplant.  


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18 minutes ago, Michigan boarder said:

I was thinking about the stories my kids would tell even at their young ages if they were asked this same question, and they've already got some good stuff to share.  Which reminded me of a project I am working on.  Our school is K-12 all in one building, and it has property just beyond the parking lot on Bear Lake, which is a 450 acre lake which connects to Muskegon Lake, which is a 4,000 acre lake which connects to Lake Michigan.  It is wooded and undeveloped, pretty rough.  Which is great for science classes, and they just built a large deck (30x40?) for classroom stuff and made some winding trails.  I am going to push for putting in a seasonal pier that kids could use to tie off to, and arrive to school via boat.  How cool would that be?

OH man! I didn't put that in my stories, but my dad would take his MiniMax hydro to school!!! Beach it at some guys house and walk though his property and go to school. Then blast home after! :yes: I love it. 

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35 minutes ago, Raimie said:

(I started there in the fall of 98). I immediately signed up for the team and was instantly in love with inboards. Upon graduating in Dec '03,

Man! we went to school "together"!!! I was in the aviation program though so was NEVER on campus. 

Actually my roommate and still close buddy was on the team until 00....so close 

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8 hours ago, kayt425 said:

Sorry for the rambling.

Certainly not rambling, if you read my post! That was rambling.:rofl:
That's awful about that boy..... I couldn't imagine knowing someone that that happened to. My 13th birthday party a guy on our lake was draining his boat....no bilge pump so he was driving, and left the helm to take the drain plug out....hit a wave, wheel went to lock threw him out, and the boat came around and hit him. He was taken by ambulance and we assumed he was OK as we never heard of him being more seriously injured. Certainly not the level of your story but that jogged my memory.  
I'm happy it didn't cause you to leave the sport/hobby. Summer is coming up fast! Hope you get a new boat locked down by then! 

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