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Recovering the Driver's Seat


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has anyone reskinned their driver's seat?  I've installed heated seat kits in two cars in the past couple of months and I'm wondering how hard it would be to do in the captain's seat.  My wife would love it.  So how hard is it to get the vinyl off of the captain's seat?  Is it held on with hogrings or something else?

Pic of doing the passenger seat in my car.



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Seems to me that you could just undo the inside black seam trim staples of the seat back then possibly the actual skin staples  if they both have staples , tuck it in and re staple 

the issue would be the wire coming up the exact center of  seat drill hole corresponding to hole in seat platform so that wire would swivel with center of seat , with slack fir forward and back movement between platform and seat base, if you have the risers it will actually work perfectly with room fir the cord slack to operate 

also would have to have a splitter and plug to serve another properly made wire lead to the removable bottom cushion , long enough to tilt cushion for drying snd to disconnect to move cushion 

you might even route a channel in the Star Brite from entry hole to seat back as channel for wire traveling to seat back and the screw in wire clips loops could lay in the channel and where they screw attaches next to channel wire routed as well so the cushion seat bottom won’t scar or wear out the wire or it’s fasteners 

you coukd easily run the wire up back/bottom  of seat back /chair but now you have to undo the back and inside of chair and the wire would be visible 

One thing fir warmth my wife luvs is the euro vent at base of custom installed sub wall instead of the foot well sub (where vent is at top under steering wheel) since it’s low to floor we felt it was warming the gator step , air on feet and warm gator step was real nice fir her

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yes, we have a heater vent down there too.

I guess I'm looking for some specific upholstery guidance for how the vinyl is attached?  I'm not worried about the wiring too much.  I've got a plan for that, if I can figure out how to uncover the seat and recover it without messing anything up.

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34 minutes ago, shawndoggy said:

yes, we have a heater vent down there too.

I guess I'm looking for some specific upholstery guidance for how the vinyl is attached?  I'm not worried about the wiring too much.  I've got a plan for that, if I can figure out how to uncover the seat and recover it without messing anything up.

Are you thinking when the black vinyl seam trim is removed from inside back of chair at bottom , you won’t be looking at the bottom of the insert color in the middle , usually when the trim is removed you are looking at the end of the vinyl 

you dint think you can insert it under there , I think it may have more staples under the trim but it should come undone, should be the only seam you have to touch , the trim will hide any re attach imperfections or the trim vinyl strip coukd be remade itself if necesssary, but seat wear seems minimal there so all original materials should re staple 

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Super easy, Ive recovered my seats before using fresh vinyl.  The problems come when reusing the same vinyl as it starts to look like swiss cheese from all the staples youll have to pull out.  Maybe if you add some glue, you can get away with it.  I kept contemplating doing this with the spotters seat for the wife as the captains chair in mine already had it but just never pulled the trigger. 

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3 hours ago, shawndoggy said:

how about the booster component of the seat?  That's where my short wife is perched the whole time.

That I havent done. Actually on mine its just in the back portion of the seat, not the actual seat.  Its plenty warm honestly.  I havent looked at how to take that apart, but Im guessing it would be pretty easy to just slide the heater up from the bottom. 

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19 hours ago, ptagher said:

Takes some work but you’ll love it. Do it. 

I also added an hydraulic seat lift. 

Any pictures of the hydraulic seat lift? I like that idea.

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Check out these custom made 4" seat risers from WakeBallast, they have them for Malibu & Axis, the link below take you directly to the Axis one that says it fits 2010-2017 models. Nice bonus is the locking box for valuables, glove box lock is not that secure and is the first place someone would look if they were trying to find something to steal. I put one on my boat about a week ago, great upgrade! Always sat on the bolster before since I like to look over the windshield to be aware of the many people on the lake who are not paying attention, had too many close calls in past years of someone else almost running into us or coming close to kids behind the boat so I keep my head on a swivel. The bolster is not as comfortable as using the seat since you cant lean back comfortably with the bolster up. This seat riser made my captain seat the perfect height w/o the bolster and now if I raise the bolster, its perfect when you want to stand while driving and you can comfortably lean back against the seat/bolster.


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