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Purchasing 2018 A24


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Well, 5200lb dry so add tower, fuel, gear etc... call it 5,750 plus 1500 for the trailer. I’d estimate 7,500 to 8,000 lbs to be safe.  Assuming it’s a ram 1500 the interwebs show 8,750 of towing capacity. She’s a heavy one. You can take it to a truck stop and use the scale... piece of mind I guess.

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Bought my 2018 A24 last fall. Towed it from SOCAL to Seattle, Stopped at a weight station on the way back and with both the rear axles on the scales it read 7,149#

Maybe 1/2 tank of fuel in boat. Don't know how accurate that is but hope it helps!

Safe Travels and post a pic 

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Got mine last March.  Had to install air shocks on my 4x4 Suburban.  It's a load.  I'm lucky my tow distance is only 8 miles.  

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Take your time and you should be fine. Double check the tire condition when you get to the boat. Make sure trailer and truck tires are properly inflated. Have a heavy duty floor jack with you or just be prepared to call a wrecker because your truck jack won’t lift the boat. I’d probably have two spare trailer tires with me. Can always sell one after the cross country trip. 

Lets see some pictures of the new boat!

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The Rapid Jack works really good for changing a flat tire on your dual axle trailer


I'm not sure how the 5.7 engine changed over the years, (I know the newer 8 speed transmissions help) but I tow my 15' A22 500+ miles from San Diego to Nor Cal a couple times a year and it has no problem with the weight. I can do 75-80mph no problem if I wanted to, but the mpg's would go way down, and its not very safe. If I keep it between 65-70mph, then I've got up to 11mpg on mostly flat highway.

If your truck burns any oil, then I'd highly recommend checking the oil throughout your trip. I found out that my old 01' Ram 1500 with a 5.9, would burn a solid quart of oil every 100-150 miles towing my boat. I would go through 4 quarts of oil towing it to Nor Cal. Luckily I realized it and never blew my motor.

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+1 on the Rapid Jack and tire inflation.  An absolute must.

Towing-wise I think you should be fine though, it isn't so much about power as it is wheelbase and braking.  Make sure your brakes are all in order - rotors healthy, pads healthy, etc. very easy/inexpensive. 

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