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Acme 2249 vs 2279 vs 2773

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I don't mind doing a little research on things and then making a decision but this one has me stumped.  Just bought a used 2018 23 LSV with the 410 motor and it came with the high altitude torque 2249 prop.  Took it out over the weekend and it's super torquey!  We typically run at a local lake in AZ which is at 1600' but we also spend a lot of time at Lake Powell which is 4100'.  I would like a prop that would be good for both locations.  Acme is recommending the 2279 prop and Boulder Boats is recommending the 2773 prop.  Ultimately we would like to prop that will keep the rpm's down from what we are experiencing with the 2249 prop but still give us a good pull.  Checked other threads but didn't see anything specific to this.  Thanks in advance for suggestions.

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I would go with the 2279 for sure! I used that prop on a 2017 23 lsv with a 410 motor. The gear ratio may be a little different, but it worked great in Las Vegas, where we boat the majority of the time, and I noticed no difference when we went to Powell this past October. When I changed to this prop from the 2249, I saw a vast improvement in performance and the wave. The RPM's were lower and the prop wash was not as large. We used this prop with all pnp's full and an additional bag in the bow in Vegas and Powell with no problem. 

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The 2249 is the standard prop, the 2279 is the speed prop, and the 2773 is your high altitude torque prop.

The 2249 standard prop is your all around tubing, skiing, wakeboarding, cruising and surfing. But surfing 25% of the time instead of 90% of the time. Going to run at a higher RPM while surfing and take more time to plain out under load.

You would use the speed prop 2279 if you are not mainly surfing and are more of a slalom skier or cruising up a big lake for miles.  Runs at a higher RPM under load surfing, burns more fuel and takes more time than the standard prop to plain out under load.

The 2773 High Altitude prop is your wake surfing prop. Quicker planing out under load, runs at the lowest RPM while surfing and consumes less fuel. With this prop you will lose 4 mph of top end full throttle speed. It's not your slalom skiing and cruising for miles at 30 mph prop.

Hope this helps! Just my experience, i am sure others have seen different.

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2277 is actually the standard prop for the 2018 23 LSV with the 410. That’s what most run in the sub-2000’ elevations for that boat. The 2249 is the altitude prop for 2018, and then it became the standard prop for 2019 LSVs with the PCM 409.

The 2279 should be a good prop for most of your use, but you might be wanting a little more when you go up in elevation. Although @bbattiste247 seemed to be happy with his 2277 at Powell too. 

My experience with the 2249 last year in the 200-1000’ elevations was the same as you’re seeing. Too high of RPMs, and noise.

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I would listen to whatever ACME tells you is best. These guys literally test every single prop on every single boat configuration.  I have called them multiple times for advice and they have been spot on every time. 

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