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Putting wedge in 'stow' on trailer


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I can't seem to find this information anywhere.  I was selling the 2018 to a guy and was showing him how to load a profile and the wedge got deployed.  Now it won't stow b/c the throttle isn't in forward.  Any idea how to force it to stow?  I looked in setting but couldn't find it.  TIA.

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17 hours ago, ahopkinsVTX said:

have someone spin the paddle wheel under the boat while you hit stow

This! Unfortunately, I have done this more times than I am ashamed to admit!

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I really do wish Malibu would add a service feature somewhere that allows you to put the wedge up without needing to "fake speed." I get that it is a safety thing... so maybe give a huge warning or something. The reality is that there are times we need to put it up after the boat is out of the water and having someone under the boat spinning the paddle wheel likely puts them close to the wedge when it is coming up which is exactly what they are trying to avoid.  Driving around with the GPS is likely easiest.

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You can move the wedge without faking speed.  Use the debug screen.  I put together the below which I posted here previously for calibrating the wedge sensors.   The procedure includes how to put a wedge up and down manually.  

PW2 Wedge Calibration Procedure

1)    Go to the settings menu on your 7 inch screen, select debug assist and put the wedge all the way down (to the lift position) using the controls on the 12 inch screen, joystick pad or using the minus icon on the debug assist screen.  The wedge voltage should be 0.51 to 0.53 with wedge down.  The wedge calibration is done by adjusting the sensor while watching the reference voltage.

2)    To adjust, loosen the two screws on the sensor on the starboard wedge arm and pivot the sensor to change the voltage on the debug screen.

3)    Tighten the screws when it is in the correct range.  If the bolt under the sensor is loose, it may need to be tightened so the sensor adjustment will not vary.  

4)    The wedge can be lifted using the plus icon on the debug screen.

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That was the whole calibration procedure.  Let me make this simple for you.

Moving Wedge when on the trailer

1)    Power up dash.  Go to the settings menu on the 7 inch touch screen

2)    Select debug assist function

3)    The wedge can be moved up and down using the plus and minus icon on the debug screen.

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28 minutes ago, ahopkinsVTX said:

Ok well then yeah that is simple and would solve the issue.

it doesn’t change the calibration or anything does it?

Nope just moves the wedge up and down "manually"    in small increments.  :)

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Thanks everyone for the help. I had a buddy pass away and got destracted and forgot about the thread.  Sounds easy enough but agree an actual “stow” function would be nice. 

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