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Red Hull/Red Top Deck... advice?


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Hi everyone.. my 08 23LSV has a white top deck and moonbeam hull and has been fairly easy to keep looking good over the 10 years we have owned it.  Curious to hear from anyone who has had a red hull and especially a red top deck boat.  Would this be about the same a black as far as showing and blems or it is somewhere in between? I just keep having thoughts running through my headof al the red boats I have seen with heavy oxidization :-O (yes yes.. people who do't care about their boats.)  I also trailer a lot with the cover on so a little worried about where the trailer always find a spot to run a little and dull the gelcoat (which i buff out each off season)  Thanks much.  Back up plan is white/white with blue flake which seems to be the popular choice this year in boats.

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Red has always been a color i have stayed away from. When it fades, and it seems to oxidize faster than most colors it turns PINK and quite dull. I would go black before i go red or just about any other color. That's just been my experience with a bass boat that was red and white (and always waxed and coated) and a old jet ski. 

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Any boat and any color will look bad without proper care.  My first boat was primarily black top deck and white hull, second was red top and white hull and last was charcoal hull and reuben (dark red) top.  All three looked immaculate when I sold them 3-4 years later and I didn't wash the latest (darker) boat anymore than the others because we always washed the boats when they came out of the water, followed up by Babe's or Hot Sauce and hand waxed in the spring. The charcoal showed more dirt when we pulled out but after we washed, it was gone.  My 2004 SSLXI was 10 years old when we sold it (we were second owner) and the gel on that boat was perfect when we sold.  It don't think it faded in anyway and had around 900 hours on it.    

If you plan to take care of it, pick the colors you like best and don't give it another thought.


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I've had a number of red boats. They say red fades faster than any other color. I don't know about faster, but they definitely do fade quickly. The best way I found to keep my red boats red is to coat them with 303 after polishing and before waxing. My old Bryant was 14 years old when I sold it, guy who bought it told his friends it was 5 years old, easily believable. As far as scratches and such, I don't think red really shows the scratches anymore than any other mid level color. Not as bad as black, not as good as white, etc.

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I would never buy a red boat let alone top deck, gaurnteed faster fade. Also Red top deck is going to be a harder sale IMO as it's bold. White or black with red accents would keep almost all buyers open

Black I'd love to try for top deck next go around.

If I were u I'd go black with red accents etc.. attached is a MC with black and red seat threading that looked nice at boat show. I liked the red stitching, it would be sweet if it was a black top deck...


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9 minutes ago, Txstoj said:

I loved the way the way a red boat looks and it wasn't any harder than any other color to keep clean.  Unforeseen circumstances kind of took care of the longevity issue....



Yikes!  That red gelcoat got HOT!!! :-O

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