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Rev10s or 8s with the illusion x tower


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I’m looking at upgrading my tower speakers this spring and I’m curious to get some input on Rev10s vs 8s on an illusion x tower. I’m mainly curious On the clearance inside the boat and how they look. I’ve heard plenty of them on newer boats to know they sound good but I don’t know how well they fit on the illusion tower. I don’t want to be constantly hitting my head on them in the boat. I’ll either do one or two pairs of them depending on clearances. Any input or pictures would be really appreciated 

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Rev10s are ginormous, but same size can as the OG pro80s.

It has been a long time since I've owned an IX equipped boat, but if I recall correctly the cans need to be bolted directly to the tower.  Looks like wetsounds makes a spacer/big flat washer kit with hardware for that purpose.  https://www.wetsounds.com/ADP-REV-X-B

My pref would probably nevertheless be to get the swivel bar mount clamps and clamp the speakers to the rear hoop of the IX to get them as high as possible.  You could also tilt them up a bit so that they play level while the boat is under power.

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Two sets of Rev10’s on an Illiosion tower and yes you need a mounting bracket to lower the bottom speaker. And every now and then someone will hit there head. Especially people who where hats 🧢 but it is typically not a problem And as Shawndoggy is saying the hoop gets them higher and also closer on plain for a better sound  


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I put two Rev10s on my Illusion tower recently.  I'd like to add that almost everyone interprets the ADP (something something) bracket is to lower the bottom Rev10 in order to offset and create clearance.  I used that bracket on the top speaker in order to raise the speakers.  You won't be hitting your head when you're standing from a seated position, simply because nobody stands straight up (I tested this).  Although, if you're standing and bending down to grab something out of a cup holder, I can see that happening.  I've had speakers that ran across the top  bar (on a swoop tower) in the past and that's when my head really got a beating on the speakers simply because that's where everyone stands and walks.  I don't see these being a problem on a rev8 vs rev10 issue.


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