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2019/2018 23 Wakesetter LSV, Supra SL, XT23


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  I love my 2007 Malibu W23 akesetter LSV but sold to buy new boat. Love wakeboarding and want to try wakesurfing as well.  Not a fan of many newer designs (small sunpad in back, smaller coolers, firmer cushions, cushions that have raised edge so you cannot comfortably lay down, top speed dropped to 40mph (yes I like fast speeds and also wakeboarding and understand the constraints fight each other), no rounded cushions in corners, captain chairs that cannot easily turn to face rest of your guests (seriously, on a 23 ft boat ) 2019 supra is the worst as its electric and you need to push a button for 15 seconds to move all the way forward to rotate chair. And it makes a horrible loud noise.  What a bonehead decision. I rotate chair all day long.....

So that has made me ready to buy a 2018 Supra SL. 

1) How would you all compate wakeboard and wakesurf compared to XT23 and Wakesetter LSV 23?

2) I am guessing they are all pretty good goods unless your a pro competition. Im 48 so doesnt have to be pro level.




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Any of the boats that you mentioned will get you the speed you want, it just requires money.  Supercharged engine option will allow you to do that in most every brand you are looking at.  Do you have budget constraints?  I think almost every wakeboat out there has now made the sacrifice of speed for low end torque.  The salesman that promises to give you everything without a supercharger is likely lying.   

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XT23 needs a bit more weight, over stock and factory Plug n' Play IMO, to be in the realm of the 23 LSV. I sold MasterCraft for a hot minute and liked the XT22 wave 'out of the box' vs the XT23 wave 'out of the box' FWIW.

I haven't spent any time or surfed the SL450, but I'm sure it's a solid performer based off some of the pics and videos I've seen.

I've spent at least 60 hours in the 2018+ 23 LSV and have found an optimal setup of Full MLS, WakeMAKERS bags in the lockers, and 200# - 300# of WakeBallast in the walk through and bow. Solid performer!

32110940557_f67cee633e_c.jpg2018 Malibu Boats Wakesetter 23 LSV by Mason Obray, on Flickr

33177444888_027d065877_c.jpg2018 Malibu Boats Wakesetter 23 LSV by Mason Obray, on Flickr

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An XT23 with a 7.4 will do 49mph on the 15x17.5 prop they usually send with it. Wave and wake is pretty decent out of the box, but gets a lot better with 820lb bags in the back, and 100lbs of lead under each front seat (200lbs combined in bow).


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I had a 2006 23 LSV with the 383 Hammerhead, went to the 2018 Supra SL this past year, 1st summer with the boat.  Absolutely love it.  We looked at the 2018 23 LSV but the Supra just "checked a lot more of the boxes" we were looking for.  My wife wanted rid of all of the pnp ballast bags, and the in floor cooler really freed up space as well.  Added 400 in lead weight and the wake is sweet!!  I will say my Malibu was faster, but that was a 2006, these newer boats are completely different, built for more low end torque.  Top speed maybe 40....  Still plenty fast enough for Free skiing with the slalom ski.

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you are right, "..I want speed, but the torque to plow >7500# for amazing surfing.." Pretty tough, although maybe doable with the right engine/prop. You should get a Pavati, I heard they are great.

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