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Power Wedge, how does it make wake?

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  I am curious as to how the PowerWedge actually/technically makes the wake as it relates to wakeboarding only?


1) Does the powerwedge mainly push the boat lower into water to create the wake? 

2) Or does it also create a wake by its own. For example, in theory, if it wasnt connected to a boat and was moving underwater by itself would it create a big wake?

Seems to me that it basically pulls the boat lower in water which makes wake and then minimally shapes the wake?

3) Has anyone added or took off the powerwedge and then adjusted the ballast to add/remove the effective powerwedge weight that Malibu specs? To compare the difference?

4) I read that people criticize the powerwedge that it cannot be tuned, although it has infinite positions for electronic one. Well my question is, how do the other competitor boats tune their  wake then? As all the other boats make wake with only hull and ballast, so how is that more tunable since Malibu has ballast as well and a center trim tab isnt used for wakeboarding and only keeps bow down.



Joe Mama


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The Hulk

In short the wedge actually pulls the butt of the boat down into the water simulating more weight or displacement of water creating a bigger wake.. 

Most of the other brands that have a center plate adjustment are essentially allowing the boat to naturally have its own weight or they deflect it down and push the butt of the boat upwards out of the water creating less wake.. without getting into detail granted they may be pushing the front of the boat down to make a longer wake as well.. . but they aren't pulling the boat down like Malibu wedge.. so you may need more actual weight to create a similar wake has a boat with a wedge.

The wedge in comparison however does create a lot of drag.. but can simulate having more weight in the boat then you actually have..

Generally More weight equals more displacement equals larger wave..

the nice thing about the wedge is you can simulate more weight without actually having it and when you let off the throttle the weight disappears if that makes sense.. 

depending on power wedge you have one two or three I think it simulates like 1500 pounds or something so I doubt anybody is going to add that much weight on top of a full boat with full ballast safely..yes you can look and some tournament boats and crazy people on here totally slam out there boats but I would not recommend it for the average user

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Wedge has been around in some form or another since the late 90s.  As @The Hulk pointed out, it's primary purpose is to pull the stern of the boat downward into the water.  Originally, this was for wakeboarding where there wasn't a huge need for the Wedge to serve a wake shaping function.

Fast forward to wake surfing, and the Wedge is doing two things.  It's still providing downforce, but it's also shaping the surf wave somewhat (adding a lot of drag in the process depending on setting).

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