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What type of lift?


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I just bought a new to me house on the water. I have a covered dock with a slip, but no lift yet. What type of lift would be best? My dock is stationary, and in a fairly busy area. Summer pool level is 5’ where the bow will sit, and probably 7’ or more at the stern end. The water level might fluctuate a little as TVA deals with storm runoff. The boat will be removed for the off-season, and there is no water to speak of during winter. The bottom is sandy/clay with some large gravel sprinkled in. I have a 120v circuit on the dock. Thanks for the advice!

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I have a Basta which came with the house and except for when I first bought it and wasn’t sure where to position the boat, I’ve been very happy with it. Where are you located?

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On 2/2/2019 at 4:26 PM, Argonaut said:

I have a Basta which came with the house and except for when I first bought it and wasn’t sure where to position the boat, I’ve been very happy with it. Where are you located?

Chattanooga TN on Chickamauga Lake


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It's a scissor style sitting on the Lake Bed. Hydraulic with electric remote. It came with a solar cell but after a year I disconnected that and put a marine 3 stage charger in the box to keep the battery charged...Here in Seattle there was not quite enough sun...or the solar panel was not big enough or …. :)


I recently added a Wifi network access point tied into some remote thermometers onboard the boat so I can see how the heaters are turning off and on during winter :) Big Fun, albeit does not seem                   100% reliable for the wifi part.

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This is the lift I use for my Axis A20 and will also put my new 22mxz on it this summer.  It holds up to 8000 lbs.  Mine was custom built by a local guy on the lake who is a welder. I would be willing to bet that there is someone similar on or close to your lake.  This one ran me around $4000 if i remember correctly.



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Overhead lifts mostly custom

Floating lifts; hydrohoist, economy lift, rhino lift ,galva lift, and so on etc....

Stationary; shorestation, Hewitt, floe , max, shoremaster, and so on.

If u need DC powered check  LakeLite.com, or LakeLifter.com for DC solar motors Depending on lift style

I'd check with local dock companies that will be able to service your lift/dock as needed

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On ‎2‎/‎7‎/‎2019 at 2:02 PM, Chatty21VLX said:

Overhead lift attached to the dock frame?

Floating style lift?

Scissor style sitting on the lake bed?

Most of the time I've seen the floating style used is when you have to, because of deep water.  You would also have a floating dock.

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I went to the Chattanooga boat show last weekend, and talked to 3 different installers. They all said I need an overhead lift with a stationary dock. I got prices from $4000 installed to $7000 installed for a 6,000 - 8,000 lb lift. The $7000 one was a Neptune brand, and definitely was the nicest (and best features) of all the other lifts. 

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How high off the dock should my rafters be to mount my motor assembly, pulleys, and pipe?

Is there a certain distance above the water I need to lift the boat, or is just out of the water good enough?

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