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Metallic vs Flat Exterior

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I am in the final stages of my 2019 22 mxz build and just can’t decide on whether to spend the extra money on the ebony metallic or regular ebony on the sides.  Any thoughts?

Also, is the wakeview flip up seat (not the bench) something that you use regularly?

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Depends on the other colors involved and your personal prefences. Sometimes a subtle metallic, especially the ebony (I looked at it for my build) will disappear along side certain other colors and or until you are with in an arms length of it. IMO that color would work better as an accent instead of a main panel. Ultimately, your money and your boat. I chose not to have flake on the upper surfaces for maintenance reasons as I can fix a non flake damaged section. Not so for a flake area damaged. I did go with the Indy red metallic for the sides below the rub rail and for the aft section above the transom. 

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We actually said we were going to do Ebony flake. That is all my wife wanted. UNTIL we sraw the two side by side in the sun. The flake was not as crisp as the flake. The flake had a grey look too it. We ended up going with just Ebony. Pictures in a few days😜😁

Go look at the two side by side at the dealer. 

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I think black metal flake is cool, but it is more subtle than other colors.  From across the lake, I can see when a boat has a metal flake color, but with black, you need to be closer.  IMHO, if you are going to bling, then do it.  

I think metal flake is here to stay, and makes a boat look more classy.  I don't think that there will be a day when we say 'remember when all those metal flake boats were out?'.  But I am pretty sure that we are going to say 'remember when all those boats had peanut butter interior?'  If it doesn't happen that way, it wouldn't be the first time I was wrong on fashion trends.  The OP's question was about the exterior, so I probably shouldn't digress, peanut butter brings up strong opinions.  

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AWS had a couple black and black flake boats last year. They looked good but the flake doesn’t add enough pop from the normal black for me to do it. 

I was looking for a pic of one in sun but this is all I have. Maybe it’s just the angle and lighting but I have to zoom in to see the flake.


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3 hours ago, ahopkinsVTX said:

My dealer ordered a black and black flake mxz. It was pretty awesome looking. Let me see if I can get pictures. 

We have a 22VLX that runs around the delta by us that is Ebony with Ebony flake main hull. It does look gorgeous IN THE SUN.

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Personally not a fan of ebony metal flake. I think it's a waste of money. As others have stated, it is very hard to notice the black flake until you're closer. I am a huge fan of flake, just not the black. Invest the flake money into the wakeview seat. I think the wakeview seat is totally worth it and you'll get a lot of use out of it. We have it on our 22VLX and use it all the time. However, this is my opinion and it's your money so do whatever you think is best and what YOU want, not what we tell you lol.

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Thanks to everyone who weighed in on this. We went with the the ebony flat and as some suggested invested in other options such as heater, wake view bench, etc... Here is the final choice on builds.75CDFCE5-0C3C-4657-BFA0-DC57AF787960.thumb.jpeg.2c09fca4bd6e2ae9e777f8344f548977.jpeg98A0302F-3355-4529-8983-DE8DC689A0B9.thumb.jpeg.00e76d5e9dd26da75e11ab0b44e61189.jpeg

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