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2015 Malibu MXZ 24 NEED OPINIONS

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Hi guys I’m new here so let me get rite to it. I’m looking to buy a 2015 Mxz 24 with 293 hours. I’ve looked all over and can’t seem to find much info as far as reviews so I’m wondering if anyone on here has any insight on the boat. I come from a 2006 XTI 23 so it’s a big jump.


Looking for over all opinion on the boat what people like or don’t like

how are they for surfing

is the 450hp corvette engine enough power for the 24’ 


anything you guys can tell me would be highly appreciated 


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The engine should be good depending on your elevation. If you are way up there you may run out of power if running a ton of weight. 

For surfing, it will be a major upgrade over your current boat. Make sure it has plug n play ballast bags on top of the stock hard tank ballast. I’d think 750’s will be a good match, although you will probably need to run bow weight too. Some prefer a bag, some prefer lead. 2015 is a good year as it’s the first year for Power Wedge II which helps a lot with fine tuning the wake. 

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Yea I’m down in Vancouver Canada so elevation is good. Rite now it has 500s in the back so I am going to look into 750s. I was told to put led in where the anchor goes, what are your views on that?

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6 hours ago, jbrown said:

Yea I’m down in Vancouver Canada so elevation is good. Rite now it has 500s in the back so I am going to look into 750s. I was told to put led in where the anchor goes, what are your views on that?

Good spot for sure. The only thing with lead is that it is there all the time so just keep that in mind for trailering or even just cruising around. The mxz bow is a bit easier to dip over the traditional bow imo. 

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Yea I don’t love the idea of lead that’s for sure, not many alternatives that I’m aware of. I was told mxz bow is prettt difficult to have water come up over but I could have been mislead 

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Well a bow bag is another option. There are quite a few posts on here showing how it plumb one in so you don’t have to throw a pump over the side. Then the weight is totally gone when you are done. 

Ive driven every boat in the lineup for multiple events around here and my experience was the mxz, even the redesign was easier to dip the bow and I have to be more careful going back to a rider or going over someone else’s wave. I think it’s because of the shape itself. It’s not horrible by any means but it’s definitely not the 25 or 235 where you can just plow through whatever you want. 

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Also, coming from an XTi, you won't be needing anything over stock ballast and PNP.

Forget about bow weight, lead, etc....fill 'er up, go surfing and use the PW2 to make the wave to your liking.  It'll be a whole new world compared to what you're coming out of.


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i surf and board behind one in the summer.. Same year. Its good for surfing and boarding. A friend owns it, but only has 500lb bags in the back and the wave it really good. He has the vette motor in his. The boat seems huge, the front could fit a queen mattress so it seems. Probably won't be disappointed at all. 

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