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2013 247 LSV Questions


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I am planning to buy a 2013 247 LSV next week.  I haven't owned a tow boat (01 Sunsetter) in about 15 years and things sure have changed!  The boat appears to be in great shape and is getting checked out on Tuesday at the dealer's service department.  My biggest concern right now is the number of hours on the boat.  The boat only has 80 hours on it and maybe I am crazy, but i am concerned that that is TOO LOW?  I suppose it would help to know how those hours have been put on the boat, i.e. 20 per year vs 60 in yr 1 and only 20 since, but I don't know.  Is there anything specific that I should look for because of the low hours? 

Anything else specific to look for that was an issue with this model / year?

Finally, what is the general consensus on extended service contracts on a 6 year old boat?  The dealer offers a program by Service Guard.  Normally I would shy away from something like this, but with only 80 hours on the boat have all the kinks been worked out?

I appreciate any thoughts form the expert advice of the Crew.

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What ebgine is in it.  I take it the boats at a dealership and has little back story to the 80 hours.  Likely a 6.2 if supercharged I would think maybe somewon with more money yhan time bought it new and probably did the same again recently or got out.  As long as it all runs fine I would not think it sat long enougj to damage anything.

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Thanks - I am a bit embarrassed to tell you that I don't know which engine it had.  I went in today to look at 2 other boats, but this one was just taken in on trade and there is no info online about it.  This dealer sold it originally and serviced it until 2015.  I am expecting to get more detail on the service records early next week.

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We finally got the boat on the water yesterday.  Everything checked out great, with the exception of a small ding on the prop.  Put a new prop on and it was smooth as butter.  Nice to be back in a Malibu!

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I think the low hours problem that I often preach about begins to take effect after 4-5 years.  A 10 year old boat with 120 hours sketches me out more than a 5 year old boat with 60 hours if that makes any sense.  After all, the components on newer boats are...newer.  

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