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2018 22VLX integrated bow ballast install

Brett B

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Nice work Brett,    But I hate to point out in order to service your impeller now it looks like you will have to remove the pump from the floor.   I would have mounted that so you have enough space to get a screw driver to the bottom of the pump and get a new impeller In there 

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6 minutes ago, Chrisjjbrown said:

But I hate to point out in order to service your impeller now it looks like you will have to remove the pump from the floor

Remove the 2 screws on one side and the base pops off the other 2 rubber feet. Rotate pump, remove impeller cover. Easy.

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12 minutes ago, MLA said:

Remove the 2 screws on one side and the base pops off the other 2 rubber feet. Rotate pump, remove impeller cover. Easy.

 That's my point an extra step,   You are also assuming he has enough slack in his ballast line to do that,  looks fairly tight to me..... so now you have to remove line to rotate pump...why not just leave enough space when you mount it....stupid thought I guess. 

Kinda like this...






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Given the layout of that under corner seat area, I like where he mounted the pump. Moving it aft, gets it butting into the sac. Rotated 180# has the outlet hose looping out into open locker space. I prefer to have plumbing and electrical tucked away if I can. Should not need to service that impeller for about 4 years. 

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It's exceedingly easy to unbolt the pump from the floor to get to the impeller, and yes there is adequate slack, so no hose removal required. Considering the pumps now come with the longer life silicone impellers it will probably be 2-3 years before I need to touch it. I'd rather have the hose routed unobtrusively with the pump taking up minimal useful storage space, and then unbolt the pump as needed once every few years, compared to the inverse option.  Neither of the options you posted in those last 2 pictures would work because the plug-n-play interface plumbing and custom fit 770lb ballast bag (once full) take up that space. Those hoses would also be partially blocking the deeper floor storage areas on the port side found in the newer boats. 

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Hey @Brett B great write-up! I decided to do this to my '17 23LSV, but using the center bilge "T" handle port and mounting the pump (NEW Jabsco Ballast King) behind the sub. I know it may not be the best location for ease of access, but I wanted to keep all the components as local as I could, and the location you used I keep a small toolbox there. I am running into a problem that maybe you or someone can point out for me: The first time I used it I used a 155lb bag in the bow (along with my girls). Fully filled, worked great. Over time (about 10 minutes or so) the bag was noticeably depleted. Ran the pump for about 10 seconds to refill. This went on the entire time. So my question is, did you run an anti-siphon valve to prevent this leakdown? I was under the assumption that reversible pumps effectively locked out any flow when not running, and if this is true is it possible my NEW pump's vane is leaking and needs a replacement? Prior to install I did remove the pump cover to verify the impeller was in good condition and was lubed and ready to go. I love this setup in that I don't have to pull out the portable pump and it all tucks away nicely, but this leak down is no bueno. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Full disclosure, I'm running a ball valve from my "T" handle port in the center bilge, 1" hose following under deck to driver's helm where pump is located, then following starboard side hull directly to bow area behind the starboard interior panel and to a quik release fitting directly to the bag. No extra loops or any sort. Thanks for the help./

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